Allow me to paint you a little picture before I wax lyrical about how much I love this palette and how pigmented the shades are, how finely milled the glitter is in the highlight shades and how beautiful Amaretto looks on the cheeks as a blush/contour. This palette deserves a little more than the standard, box tick review.

It was my birthday, we drove down to Bath, and it was around a week or so after the release and general selling-out of the Jaclyn Hill x BECCA collection. Wildly successful as it had been, it had sold out almost instantaneously on Space NK online and similarly in stores, it was something of an enigma to get hold of. So, wandering in Bath, knowing there was a Space NK close-by, I drifted in thinking 'if it's going to happen, it'll be today, my 28th birthday - it's only fair'. And there it was - in the window! The very palette! Surely they wouldn't display the palette without stock, right? That would be barbaric.

In I waltzed, full of glee, to see someone checking out at the till with a palette in their hands - it was happening! All of my good wishing worked! Pleased as punch, I sauntered towards a member of staff with a cheeky (it was probably repulsive) 'I'll have what SHE'S having', only to be met with a solemn look from the cashier. "This is... er... this is the last one." I tried to be cavalier, but the look on my face must have been crestfallen, as the girl buying the palette started apologising profusely. "Oh well, it's hard luck! That's just how it goes!" I smiled back, but I heard her say as she left 'That girl hated me!' It left a sour taste. I didn't HATE her, but I was suitably heartbroken. This gross misestimation of my character just added salt to the wound.

SO, when mysteriously after months of being out of stock the palette magically reappeared online, it was in my basket faster than you could say 'redemption'. I didn't even think twice - click, purchase, collect. A little childish part of me did a victory dance at my aggressor from months before. Ha ha! Good things come to those who wait!

And this palette is beautiful - really, it's gorgeous. Champagne Pop is everything it is written to be - a beautifully subtle, angelic highlight which brings luminosity to the face and the most delicately milled glitter that doesn't clump at all but rather glistens in that irresistible, dewy way. Prosecco Pop is much the same, but with a stronger golden hue and less of a pink tint - great for summer months on bronzed skin.

Of the three blush colours Amaretto (the centre colour) is definitely my fave - a tawny browny peach colour which works beautifully as a blush but also to sculpt and define cheeks. Pamplemousse (far right) is also so juicy and gorgeous - the lightest of hands is needed for this as the pigment, like all of these shades, is super intense. Rose Spritz is a kind of highlight blush mix and whilst a little sparkly for me, still brings something effervescent and special to the face. Each is a glow giver in their own way, and I do still hear angel song whenever I bring this palette out to use.

The part of the story that doesn't get told? On the way to pick up this palette, right outside the post office, the front passenger side tyre on my car burst. I could hear it deflating sadly the whole walk into the collection depot. It would be £65 for the new tyre - not a whole lot more than the palette had cost me. Luckily, the depot was right next to a garage. It could've been worse. But it was an expensive day.

It got me thinking. What motivated me to act so quickly, to put that palette into my basket and checkout without a second's thought - that was want. Pure want. Intensified by the thought that I couldn't have it the first time around. Heightened by jealousy as I watched it walk out of the shop in front of me. It made me act without thought or consideration, this want. I could see nothing but how much better I'd feel once it was mine. It's a dangerous thing, that feeling of desire. Especially when what you need is the money for the tyre to replace the one you burst trying to get to what you want.

The irony makes me laugh, but the story remains the same - be careful about mistaking 'need' for 'want'. It could just leave you in a tricky spot.


  1. Yes - I always want something more once I know I can't get it! I don't blame you for speedily adding it to your cart haha - it's a second chance so you best not squander it! I ended up skipping on this palette - I already have Champagne Pop (which I love!) and I think the other shades are quite dupable. I was mighty tempted by the split pan in Amaretto and prosecco though... But I managed to pass on that too because I didn't need it!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. Hahah you hit the nail on the head Tasha - I'd definitely say the highlight is Champagne Pop anyway, there are blush shades similar to Amaretto like Tarte Exposed and Nars Sin or Luster. Smart life choices, girl. Thanks for reading and commenting! T xx

  2. I have read so many reviews of this palette, have seen so many photos of it on instagram, have heard all about the hype of this on YouTube, and yet I have never wanted it, have never been drawn to it, until your post. You have a way with words that instills in us this want that you so vividly describe. And now I am left ogling this little palette with intense desire, wondering why I'd never considered it before and deciding it is what I need (underscore, bold) in my life, looking forward to the 1st of the month when I receive my next paycheck...You are dangerous, Tamira! Your words your weapon :)

    1. Aah how naughty of me, especially when I was talking about being careful of wanting things you don't need! But Coline that is so sweet to say, thank you so much, I'm so glad you enjoyed reading! I'll try to be gentle with that weapon ;* T xx

  3. Aww, that's such a shame you missed out the first time, but this goes to show that if it's meant to be then it'll happen eventually. I'm not especially attracted to Champagne Pop myself because I'm so pale I think it'll be too dark for me, but I know what it's like to want something that bad and even if it doesn't cross over into "need" territory it'll still make you smile whenever you see it and we all need a few things like that in life.


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