Autumn is one of my favourite times of year - as if there isn't enough poetry in the skyline being lit up with fiery colours as nature sends itself off in one last beautiful, dying spectacle - I also love the slowing down of days, the crisper air, the allowance for warmer foods and warmer drinks, the way jackets and coats return to hooks on the wall. There's something special about this time where you can almost feel the seasons change, see them turn in front of you. And then, of course, the excuse to wear all black. And jumpers. You can't argue with that, right?

September was, as I mentioned in my last post, a month that kinda knocked me for six. It kind of turned everything I knew and had accepted on its head, and made me ask some difficult questions of myself. I think those times, even though they can feel the hardest to get through, once you start to come towards something that feels like the other side, you start to feel the benefit. We should be changing beings, we should grow, and 'growing pains' isn't just a phase you go through physically. Growing pains can be emotional too. But that doesn't mean that you don't weather the stormy days. And that doesn't mean that after the death and quiet in autumn and winter there won't be life in the same branches again come spring.

So here's to turning the heating on for the first time, wrapping your hands around a hot mug of something delicious, throwing a blanket over your bed, and knowing that whatever comes, there will be good waiting for you if you choose to find it.

SEE: Last month my girlfriends and I went to go see Bridget Jones' Baby, which was what we all needed it to be - fun, light and satisfying. We went to go see it at the Phoenix which is a picturehouse in Oxford where you can take wine into your movie, and that is A-OK with me. Seeing as we're in the season of staying in, I also thought I'd recommend Chef's Table, my latest Netflix binge series, but fair warning? DON'T watch this on an empty stomach. It will lead to you microwaving plain tortillas and questioning your life choices.

LISTEN: There's only one answer to this for me, and it came out yesterday - 22 A Million. One of my best girls and I got Bon Iver tickets early last month and the sound we made I'm sure must've only been picked up by dogs and dolphins. Too excited.

GO: Find a treehouse to snuggle up in. The idea of going into the wilderness and disconnecting from everything for a weekend is delicious right now. I can't tell you how many times I've opened and closed the Chewton Glen Treehouses page - dream on, kid. But there's gotta be a cute budget version of that, right? Anyone? Bueller?

EAT: I am low key obsessed with deli food (it's not really that low key) and last weekend I took myself on a walk to Branca deli to pick up lunch - I made myself a little plate - picked up a chicken with sriracha sandwich in a brioche bun, a butternut squash and rocket side salad and a teeny tiny Welsh rarebit bite thing. It was so good. And so cheap! Had a proper 'treat yo self' moment.

DRINK: I'm not about to use the PSL suggestion that you seem to see everywhere this time of year because I am not a basic bitch and neither should you be. Get yourself an old fashioned, get all the warmth, sweet and sour of Autumn and enjoy not having to refer to pumpkin spiced anything when you order.

WEAR: Around this time of year I'm always looking for the perfect flannel shirt because who doesn't want to cosy up in the softest shirts when it's cold and rainy outside? And I think I love this one. I will have it please. I just wish it was a smidge longer?

READ: On my to purchase list at Waterstones (my drug of choice) is Amy Schumer's 'Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo' which I'm sure is as hilarious as she is. 

THINK: Less. Too much thinking keeps us frozen and stops us from realising we have everything we need, and there is never a better time to do what you want to do and fulfil yourself than right now. 


  1. Think less is definitely something I need to do. I overthink everything and as a result get paralyzed.

    1. I'm with you so much Ela, I totally feel what you're saying. Hopefully we can both get out of the rut and do more! Thanks for reading and commenting. T xx


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