November, I feel like I haven't given you a chance. Writing this post so late in the month anyway is almost setting you up to fail, but after everything... It seems you've got a lot to overcome. This is usually the time of year I start getting excited too early about Christmastime, about December and all the giddy happiness that month brings with it, but this year, after the past two months? I'd happily hibernate until 2017. Break ups, fall outs, family problems and global meltdowns aside, this has been a time about trying to find calm and peace of mind when everything seems set against that. It has been about looking hard at myself and trying to get right in my own mind, figure out what I need to move forward. And that kind of work can be tiring, especially when you're doing it alone.

Having said all that, this month has also shown me the importance of friends, of being able to take comfort in the support they'll give you. It has proved to me that I'm stronger than I think I am and capable of finding beauty and inspiration in even the most unlikely places. But most of all November has been about mess, living with it, and learning to love what's imperfect. Most importantly, in yourself.

SEE: There can only be one answer here - Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them! To be honest, there is so much going on, both at the theatre and in cinemas around this time of year, but I am so more than ready to dive back into Harry Potter world and J.K. Rowling's writing again. 

LISTEN: I'm going to have to admit my bias - Anne Marie recently made public my most favourite song of hers - all that existed until now was fanmade footage of her singing this song on her last tour. Peak is so hauntingly beautiful and so fully captures the way I've been feeling lately, I can't imagine recommending anything else (although the new the xx song is a very close second). 

GO: It alone. I've spent the past month living out of a suitcase on sofa beds, in spare rooms and renting airbnbs and whilst it has been unsettling and heartbreaking to be away from home, it has also kind of been wonderful, in a weird way. Take every hour you can to spend time alone, because you really find out who you are in those moments.

EAT: This month I tried Pomegranate in Cowley and let me tell you - this is LEBANESE. FOOD. From someone who has lived in Lebanon, this is as close as I have found in England thus far, Comptoir Libanais included. I have been missing it so much and going here right before Bonfire Night was incredible - try the fried cauliflower. Sounds wrong but SO right. 

DRINK: Mulled cider. Don't test me with the 'it's not festive season yet' crap, because Bonfire Night has happened and we can now all officially skate into Christmas. I've had around four mugfuls and I'm STILL CRAVING MOAR. 

WEAR: There's a 90% chance I am 100% obsessed with these knee high boots. I have no idea how they'll look on my leg but aren't they so fun? They make me think of the Spice Girls, which is A-OK with me.

READ: The list is quite long at the moment, but I think I've narrowed it down to picking up Swing Time by Zadie Smith and Teaching My Mother How To Give Birth by Warsan Shire. Can you tell I'm having a moment with feminist literature?

THINK: Me first. After spending the past month, or perhaps two, doing nothing BUT thinking it feels like I want to shut off and shut up but the truth is the hard part is where the hardest work starts. I'm thinking about myself, what I want for my life and what I need to be happy a lot this month and if you haven't lately? Give it a try. 


  1. Great post! Your life sounds pretty hectic but fun at the moment, how adventurous! Xx
    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    1. Thanks for commenting love - it hasn't really been fun, but I'm definitely on the road to making it more so :) T xx


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