Ain't she a beauty? In lieu of the traditional 'gift guide', I thought I'd write a post on my one specific request to Santa (aka my gorgeous Mum) this year - The Happiness Planner. Like many, I've seen this planner pop up across Instagram and blogs alike, but it was actually whilst browsing the Anthropologie Black Friday offers that this box bundle really caught my attention.

Not only does this set contain the Happiness planner itself - more on that in a moment - but it also includes stationery - copper pen, grips and paperclips I hear you ask? Along with a beautifully designed quote card and a little Happiness Planner logo sticker, it's a well thought-out and very visually appealing gift set, somewhere along the lines of Kikki K. What really caught my attention however were the planning sheets for 2017 - I can resist anything but a good set of planning tools. Give me tick boxes and bullet points and I'm yours.

The planning sheets are headed up with such categories as '2017 Vision Board' and 'My Bucket List' and 'What I learned from 2016' (might need extra sheets for this one), but I couldn't think of a more forward-thinking and productive way to get myself ready for the new year. It's well-documented that this one is being filed under 'piles of crap I'd rather never acknowledge again', but not to learn from this year would truly make it a waste and I'm not about that life. I'm hoping 2017 is going to be a focused, productive and happy one, and I think responsibility for your own happiness is a crucial decision to make as an adult. I'm starting here! With a planner. Yep.

The planner itself is laid out day by day - literally every day is accounted for so it is a hefty thing, which beginning of the year, mid year and end-of-year reviews on progress made, goals set, and your state of mind. It really doesn't leave any stone unturned. You can see the full layout here, but the planner focuses a lot on gratitude, and every day you get to name something you're excited about for the day, your goals, good things, your hope for tomorrow, your to-dos - it really takes care of everything and sets you up for a positive mindset throughout the day. I find this kind of guided organisation really helpful to me, as I have a more messy, creative-led mind and ideas don't necessarily fall out in sequence, so I like structure around my days and how I operate. As an anxious person, focusing on being grateful and looking at days with a positive spin obviously also channels that energy towards something constructive. I'm really looking forward to working with this book!

If you'd like to see how I work with the planner and how I progress in the new year, leave me a comment and let me know, as this is definitely something I could do for you guys! I'm frankly a bit obsessed with planners, planner videos and stationery, so it'd be my pleasure...

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