Happy New Year everybody, and I hope it has been a calm and restful one so far - we've all needed it, haven't we?

Readers that are a little newer to my corner of the internet might not know, but I mark the beginning of each new year with an intention word rather than resolutions. New Year's Resolutions tend to irritate me - I believe in setting goals and doing small things every day to move toward them, but the whole idea that a particular calendar date holds some kind of magic to make these stick - eh, I'm skeptical.

What I do love about a new year is the chance to press reset, to open up a blank page and rather than give yourself rigid targets to adhere to, set an intention in your mind for how you want the year to unfold. I think the whole thing is a lot more forgiving, and a lot more positive, if you allow it to be. Last year I chose balance and, whilst the year was tumultuous and a lot of emotional upheaval, I think the importance of balance in my life was never more obvious than 2016. Okay, I might not have been able to live every day in perfect balance, but the moments of calm and stillness and the moments of extreme loud, vibrant joy definitely resonated most with me.

This year, I've gone big - the intention word I've chosen for 2017 is abundance. It might seem a little counter-intuitive with some of the content that will be forthcoming here - I'm still working quite hard to maintain balance, practice gratitude and simplify my life to a more minimalist way of operating - but let me explain. When I think of abundance, I don't necessarily think of stuff, of material, tangible 'things'. I am welcoming abundance into my life in a wider sense - I want this to be a productive season in my life. I want to return to being abundantly inspired, full of joy, able and willing to draw from my own resources to make myself and, as a result of that, those around me happy.

I want to work - and work with purpose towards my goals professionally and personally. I've grown a lot in the past few years, and I feel like now is the time to harvest that strength and energy. So - abundance it is. I'm excited to see what manifests in the upcoming months!

Do you use intention words, or resolutions for new year? My friend Jaye picked her own intention word this year too - definitely go and give her post a read if you like the idea!


  1. THANKS FOR THE SHOUTOUT GURL - you ma fave 😘 xxx

    1. As if I wouldn't shout you out! Lots of love my darling. T xx


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