There's nothing quite like January, is there? Whether it brings with it the quiet, greyish post-Christmas days, tinged with sadness, or a fresh, crisp air that promises all things new and shiny, January is a month in which you can almost touch the palpable shift of mood, from festive to focused. Sometimes it is the sheer determination to make it through the coldest winter months that keeps us plodding along during these darker days, but this year I feel energetic - the excuse to stay in is pre-agreed, and the number of projects my fingertips are itching to get involved with makes nothing more inviting. It's a time for reflection, preparation, a period of pause, of finding your own usefulness. I'm excited to greet it.

As I begin another year of 'If You Do One Thing...' posts, I just wanted to thank you for always reading and supporting these - I've said it so often, but they truly are my favourites to write. I'm looking forward to giving you more ideas for how to make the most of the next twelve months. Let's get to it!

SEE: Very much hoping that I can twist someone's arm into coming to see La La Land with me, although I have read some criticism of it that disappoints me a little. Still, I'd like to see it to make up my own mind, and any day that involves Ryan Gosling is slightly better for it. I'll also be in the virtual queue towards the end of this month to try and magically bag a ticket to go and see Hamilton when it hits the UK.

LISTEN: 2017 has a difficult act to follow after such a colossal year for music last year, but I'm optimistic. Next on my 'to listen' list is Kid Cudi's new offering, but to start off your new year, I'd suggest listening to new the xx, which is always pretty wonderful.

GO: To Winchester! Post upcoming on Friday about my recent trip there with Jaye and why I loved it so much (even in a blanket of thick fog), but cute eateries + pubs with log fires + beautiful stone buildings and a mahoosive cathedral should put you on the right wave.

EAT: Your veggies! For the month of January I've gone veggie and to be honest, I doubt it will be that huge a change for me. I'm not usually a massive consumer of meat (with the exception of last month) and generally will only have it if I'm eating out. Super proud of everyone trying Veganuary, but for me and my lifestyle, giving up dairy right now just isn't feasible. So I've been reading a lot of Minimalist Baker and am looking forward to having a huge meal prep sesh this weekend!

DRINK: Aaaand in other new year news, I'm also doing dry January - not the easiest when you've got two big nights coming up with your friends, but hey, life's nothing without a challenge, right? I've been trying to ease my body back to balance after a very excessive festive period, so will definitely be trying some of these infused waters.

WEAR: It's sales season and I'll be honest, I'm loving the knitwear offerings on show. Some faves? This flute sleeve jumper from Topshop, this slouchy Breton stripe from Whistles, and this long draped jumper from COS.

READ: Before Christmas I mentioned I wanted to get back into reading over the Christmas break and - oh buddy - did I. I thumbed through three books and received even more as presents, so my list just got a little longer! It's a hard life. However, this month I'll definitely be working my way through Blink by Malcolm Gladwell for our book club. I'm excited by the synopsis, and will report back!

THINK: Focus. I covered a lot of this in my intention word post for this year, but I'm feeling fired up and ready to go right now, and I want to make the most of it! I'm hoping to have a productive and fruitful month ahead, getting back into working towards my goals and finding the fire under my bum again to make things happen! I'm hoping it's a great one for all of us. Let's get to work. 


  1. I'm pleasantly surprised at the new XX, given that I've always been a fan of their more moody stuff. It's actually very melodic! I was contemplating going to see them at 02 but then thought 50+ pounds was definitely too much :'( I already have my sights on going to see La La Land too, it brings out the ~artsy fartsy~ in me!

    Happy new year Tamira! x

    Cherie ❃ sinonym

    1. Thanks so much for reading and commenting Cherie! I'm really loving the new xx vibe although, as you say, that much for tickets is a little steep! I can't believe that's the price! Don't tell anyone but I'm a bit artsy fartsy too ;* Hopefully we both get to go see it soon. Happy New Year to you too, I hope it's a great one :) T xx

  2. Oh I'm so glad you love writing these posts because I love reading them! I just want to comment on everything! And I will, no doubt about it.

    I really want to see La La Land too, even after reading the criticism. For me though, I'm going to wait until you rent it at home as...I actually hate musicals. I KNOW. I don't know why, but I just know I'll enjo it a lot better at home, haha! But honestly, how can ANYONE resist Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone? I adore those two. And the movie just looks so pretty!

    I seriously would love to just visit all those little country towns in England. I want pubs with log fires and fog! That sounds perfect!
    Also good luck with your veggie January :) I don't eat a lot of meat either, and the Minimalist Baker is fantastic! I definitely could never go vegan however I love eating veggie 90% of the time. Mmmmm.

    Brodie | Brodie Jay

    1. Aaah lady, I love seeing your name pop up in my inbox.

      I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU HATE MUSICALS! Maybe you just haven't seen the right ones yet? Have you seen Book of Mormon? Or Avenue Q? THERE'S SO MUCH TO LOVE, I'm going to make it my mission to find a musical you can get on board with.

      Ugh, you need to come visit us again! Cmoooon you know you want to get your pub on ;)

      I'm REALLY enjoying it so far! I'm also eating way too much cheese probably but yknow, baby steps :) Thanks for the love and for reading/supporting as always, my love.

      T xx

    2. I've seen The Sound of Music and The Wizard Of Oz? Does that count? And Bedknobs and Broomsticks?? I don't know why, I just can't listen to singing in movies, haha! I'm such an oddball.

    3. They totally count! I watched Bedknobs and Broomsticks over Christmas - I forgot how much I love it :) You're on your way, you just need to find the right musicals for you! We'll make a little theatre geek out of you yet :) T xx


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