Mornings are hard, and looking human for work when it's still dark outside is a challenge - the extra twenty minutes in bed, versus twenty minutes spent squinting at a mirror trying to perfect my base? It's an easy choice, every time. Luckily, one aspect of my life that I find it easy to streamline is my make up routine - I'm not about to pretend I'm a beauty guru. If it's quick and makes me look semi-decent? Chances are it'll win a place in my heart (and make up bag).

I've gotten the whole three minute make up thing down to fine art, and happily, it seems that five products is what it takes to do the bare minimum. Here are the little wonders that take me from dozing to desk quicker than you can say 'capsule beauty'. HERE WE GO.

I'm lucky that thanks to investing in a good skincare routine, my skin is in fairly good shape, and save a couple patches of redness, I'm quite happy to go to work barefaced. My NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla works for under eye circles as well as any spot concealing I want to do, as I'm not that prone to blemishes. This is a highlighting, light-attracting concealer, so I wouldn't use it for covering spots or blemishes as it'll just draw attention to them. For a more flat texture concealer, you could try something like the Bobbi Brown concealer.

My eyes are a feature I love to play up, so the bulk of my time and products go here. I tame my brows with the clear Pixi brow tamer, making sure everything looks uniform and tidy - we're framing the face here, so it's important work! Next up I'll press the L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow pressed pigment in Amber Rush over my eyelids, which is a gorgeous shimmery golden nude which brings light and shimmer to the eyes whilst neutralising the lid colour and helping to eliminate any blue tones. I finish off with the Cover Girl Clump Crusher mascara in Very Black - I also really like the Brown/Black shade for everyday. This is a beautiful everyday mascara - separating, not clumpy at all and feathery and fluttery whilst still being subtle enough for work. Nobody wants 'out out' mascara when they're sitting through meetings from 8.30 to 4.30, am I right?

Finally, I have to shout out my girl Jaye. She gifted me this beautiful Bobbi Brown nourishing lipstick in the shade Blush which is my new go-to every day shade - it's a my lips but better, super moisturising and comfortable formula, which is shimmery and flattering on the lips, but not TOO shiny. Think MAC Patisserie, but a little less of a thick formula. It's a really great pick for on-the-go touch ups as well as the shape of the bullet makes applying this without a mirror super easy. Definitely a new holy grail item!

So, those are my picks - my dream team. What makes the cut for you? 


  1. I'd love to feel so comfortable without makeup on. I do go to work without makeup on but that's because I start at 5am and would rather sleep haha! I love the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer though, it's beautiful and radiant and gives great coverage.

    corrie |

    1. Aah I feel your pain Corrie - I used to start for work at 6am and definitely never even thought about make up before I left the house! I think it's a very personal thing, how much make up you need to feel like 'you', some days I really do need to apply foundation in order to feel confident and 'put together' - it varies! I'm glad you love the NARS Concealer though - I've only ever heard people say good things! T xx


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