I'll be honest - I'm usually all for ~the holidays~ and thoroughly enjoy embracing pretty much everything seasonal and celebratory, but Valentine's Day isn't traditionally one I go crazy for. I love the idea of spoiling the person/people you love and surprising them with thoughtful little 'just because' gifts, but not on a day that someone else decides for me. In my relationship, we try and do more of the regular date night/little every day acts of love type deal, but one thing I've been really into this Valentine's is the idea of loving yourself all day long. Maybe not in a feelin' maself kinda way (although you do you bb), but there's always room for a little pamper time and gentleness, right?

With that in mind, I wanted to talk through some of my faves from the LUSH Valentine's collection - maybe a little gimmicky, but honestly gang - if there's one thing to get excited about, it's limited edition bath bombs. Let's talk bubbles.

First up, a bubble bar practically thrown at me by Jaye - when this girl gets excited about something, I listen. She swears by Unicorn Horn, a reappearance from last year's collection. This candy coloured beauty is bedtime in a bath - neroli oil, mixed with ylang ylang and lavender make this the perfect sleepytime companion. With it's sheeny lustre, it makes your tub look like a little dreamy wonderland, and the lavender steam that fills up your bathroom will guarantee you a relaxing soak. A must-have for anyone struggling to snooze right now - give this a go, on its own, or mixed in with my next pick...

New this year, is Cupid - a bath bomb so freaking adorable and emoji-like that I had to hold myself back from picking up a shedload at once. Violet leaf, rose petals, bergamot and lime oil combine to make this fresh and floral - an uplifting, sweet juicy scent which feels rich and luxurious on the skin - this is a really lovely one for a treat yo-self moment. Please enjoy the gorgeous pink that this turns your bathwater, and proceed to feel like the girliest, most fancy version of yourself.

And finally Lover Lamp - the biggest, most boss-worthy of all of these products. This one is for all my Butterbear and So White lovers out there - dry and sensitive skinned ladies, listen up. Vanilla, cocoa butter and Brazilian orange oil make this one silky smooth, deeply nourishing and softening for the skin, whilst the scent is good enough to eat (but please don't). And those little red hearts? Yeah, those are cocoa butter, and they melt into your bathwater as you soak. Yep. Pure. Cocoa. Butter. Hearts. Race you to checkout.

Have you guys been loving anything lately from Lush? What do you think of their Valentine's Day products? I'm obsessed! Might be time for a cheeky stock up before the 14th...

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