Can you believe it's almost the end of February? I know it's a short month, but JEEZ, this seems absolutely unheard of. I thought I'd take a second amidst all the craziness to say hey, check in, give you a round up of how my world is looking. I have to confess, I really love my friend Tenneil's 'Life Lately' posts, and I wanted to write something in tribute to those - so here goes! Everything that has been going on in my head...

Ah man, the 'gram. Can we all agree that this platform is so freaking confusing?! The ups, the downs, the growth without rhyme or reason, the algorithm, the albums now?! I feel like Insta is even more fickle than Facebook and for someone that spends 90% of her working life monitoring a Facebook page, that statement is a lot. I've been listening, during my workdays, to the lovely Hashtag Authentic podcast created by Sara of Me and Orla fame. This has just been the best - so inspiring, relatable, no-nonsense and I find Sara's voice hugely relaxing to listen to - every episode is a joy. I really, really enjoyed this latest one with Dominique of @allthatisshe fame. Inspired and eager as always, I've been putting a lot of extra time and thought into my Instagram - if you guys would mosey on over, that'd mean the world. Particularly loving taking pictures of old buildings and food - go figure! I'll be documenting my recent trip to Bristol, which segways me nicely on to...

Oh man - I love me some Brizzle. Even in the horrendous Storm Doris-ness of this week, Bristol was absolutely lovely for a city break. We were there to go see Ricky Gervais' Humanity stand up tour, which was incredible. I now have a pretty mammoth crush on Doc Brown. He did a rap about the Cotswolds and it just sent. me. over. the edge. I didn't take my blogging camera as this was a Christmas present to James, and I didn't feel right shoving a DSLR in his face while he was trying to eat dinner (!!) but I will say - if you're in the mood for a burger and bourbon, hit up Chomp. Two of my fave things. We also really loved the St. Nicholas Markets and the Bristol Cathedral, College Green area and Park Street is awesome too. Not to be missed - Bluebird Tea Company - I'm so sad they don't have a shop nearer to Oxford! I'm already planning a trip back!

I've had to say goodbye and good luck to a dear friend at work this month, and send her on her way to NYC (tiny heartbreak of sadness and immense jealousy), but I also found out that I'd be saying goodbye to my childhood home when I head to Dubai later this year, too. This also comes at the same time that my man and I are looking at the potential of leaving Oxford soon. It's a strange thing, moving on and 'letting go' so to speak, but I'm trying to focus on gratitude for what I have rather than pout about what I might perceive that I'm 'losing'. It's another reminder that all things are transitory, and happiness isn't tied to a 'place' or a particular time, but rather something you can foster within yourself. 31 days of yoga in January helped a lot with this, and I've been thinking now would be a great time to get back into that habit!

I had a teeny meltdown at the beginning of the month on the phone to my mum - it was the second week of February, I had broken my 'meat free month' and stopped yoga, I felt at a bit of a loose end with my goals and was feeling in a slump. It didn't take long for my gorgeous ma, in her perfect 'mum' way, to say: 'Tami, it's 8 days into February. Calm down.' I got a hold of myself, got focused, and moved on. I'm still not 100% where I'd like to be in terms of staying on track, but I'm learning to accept my shortcomings as not the end of the world.

That being said - I did manage to have a huge closet and dressing table clear out (post upcoming!) and have listed some things in my Depop shop - do go have a visit and let me know if there's anything you're interested in.

I hope February has treated you well and you're all as ready for Spring as I am - I've never been so excited for trench coat season!


  1. Instagram really is a painfully fickle thing, isn't it!? There seems to be no rhyme or reason, and I only seem to notice any real growth if someone's kind enough to give me a shout out of their own accord! But I still think the main thing is to just enjoy it and have fun taking photographs.. that what I intend to do with my weekend! ;)

    I can't believe it's the end of February either, and your Bristol trip sounds lovely!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend. :)


    1. Aw thanks for reading and commenting Flora :) It's a strange beast, but I'm really enjoying it at the moment! I figure I'll run with it ;) It's what I intend to do with mine too, hahah! Aw it was a lovely trip, have you ever been? Hope you have a great one too. T xx

  2. I checked out your Instagram and followed immediately - you have lovely photos.
    Ela |

    1. Thanks so much Ela! That means the world :) Hope you have a lovely weekend. T xx


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