It's usually around this time of year and the end of summer, heading into autumn, that I revisit my wardrobe and take time to have a good old clear out. I found towards the beginning of this month that I was feeling a little foggy-headed and cluttered being at home, and that coupled with a general lack of inspiration every day when I came to get dressed led me to thinking it was time for a little spring cleaning.

I've written a post with some tips as to the process I go through, how to clear out your closet, and not too much has changed - however this time around was more of an audit than a huge shift of stuff. I think of it as fine tuning - only donating things that no longer fit or give me joy to wear, and recycling clothes that aren't fit for purpose anymore. I didn't want to go through a massive overhaul, just make some space for a few transitional pieces as we make way for that awkward time between winter ending and the impatient wait for warmer weather in April and May.

So, with a large bag recycled through H&M (hello, £5 off voucher!) and a couple of things up on my Depop, I've put together a list of a few gaps and trend pieces I've got my eye out for this season.

I'm not gonna lie, this Jaipur print silk jumpsuit from Whistles is pretty much it for me, but at £349? Dream on Tami. A more affordable option would be this lovely 80s-style number from Topshop (I swear my mum had something similar in the early 90s) but as to how it'd work on my body type? The jury's out. I also love the eyelet detail and cut on this Monki jumpsuit. Is it too much of a cop-out to just go for all black though? Let me know what you guys think.

I have one pair of court shoes in my wardrobe, and after trying to attend a theatre show in them last month, they need to die. They cut circulation off at my toes and aren't comfortable at all, so it's my personal mission now to send them straight to hell. Strongly considering these heels with the elastic strap, as I had a pair like these once and they were the most comfortable things I ever own. Also in the running? These suedette heels with the cutout because they are sexy AF.

The weather is starting to change, and on the days where the sun pokes its head out, it'd be nice to wear some of the dresses and skirts I've relegated to out of action status, but not freeze my behind off. Enter: the chunky knit cardi. ASOS have me covered here with a couple of options, but I also love this smarter one from Zara.

And finally, to keep everything looking its best - I am SO about to invest in a clothes steamer. Have you guys ever tried one of these? We had them at the magazine and they are so great for people who hate ironing (me) and only ever really need to straighten out shirts, dresses and trousers and not big things like bedsheets. I can't recommend them enough. *adds to basket immediately*

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