Nothing quite helps me get through mundane tasks and the day-to-day grind of working a 9-5 like a podcast. Perhaps it's something lingering from childhood and listening to audiobooks, but tuning in to someone speaking to me is one of the most soothing things as I work, I find. If I have a little '4 notifications' sign on my Podcasts app on a Sunday night? I'm fine with Monday morning, tbh.

So I figured what better way to kick off this week than to share five of my absolute faves right now because if you're anything like me, you'll need that extra su'in su'in to get you through this week. I've gotchu boo. I tend to listen to more motivational, career-focused and lifestyle-focused podcasts, but I will literally give most things a fair hearing (soz, had to). If you see anything not mentioned on the list that you think I'd love or that you really enjoy, please leave it in the comments! Let's share the podcasting love. Here are my picks!

1. The Slow Home Podcast - This one is actually new to my playlist and was a recommendation from my girl Jaye, who rarely does me wrong. Hosted by Brooke and Ben and their gorgeous, soothing Australian accents, this podcast focused on slow living and minimalism is a great one for mornings where you want to be eased into a workflow. I tend to listen to these first as they give me a great gentle focus for my mornings, and most of their messages are very grounding and affirming. These are almost like a moving meditation to me at this point! Absolutely love them and love what they're about.
Start here: Rituals: Unplugging

2. 2 Dope Queens - OK this one might seem way out there in the context of these more career-focused podcasts, but listen - this shit is fucking hilarious. Like I have to stifle my laughter and my desk hilarious. I feel like Phoebe and Jessica are just two friends of mine who happen to be simultaneously the wittiest, funniest, coolest women on the planet. I'm obsessed, and every time I see a new episode I'm like: 'Tami, save this for your 2pm slump when you know you're going to need a higher power'. These girls are that.
Start here: Barbara Did My Cornrows

3. Ctrl-Alt-Delete - I'm sure this will surprise exactly 0 people given my field of work and the demographic I fall into, but I'm a huge fan of Emma Gannon's and really love her no-nonsense, relatable, easy-to-listen-to interviews. Her subject matter is always relevant to my life, my career and my interests, and she has such a wonderfully listenable demeanour. She's both relaxed and relaxing, makes her guests feel welcome and at home, but asks the questions you know you'd be dying to! Love this and can't wait to see where Emma goes with it in future.
Start here: Liv Purvis - Comparing and Despairing

4. Women of the Hour - Lena Dunham's podcast just rejoices and takes pleasure in what it means to be a woman of this time in Western society. This podcast has made me laugh and made me cry, it's made me angry, it gave me a little much-needed hope and humour after the election last year. Say what you want to about Lena herself, you can't deny the woman has a beautiful manner of storytelling, and a unique perspective and voice. I think that really comes out in the pulling together of each show within this podcast, and I'm a fan. Highly recommended feminist listening.
Start here: Faith and Spirituality

5. Hashtag Authentic - I spoke a little about this podcast in my 'On My Mind' post last month, but let me speak to the reasons why it's awesome again - Sara is down to earth, lovely to listen to, has a beautifully relaxed manner and gets to her point quickly about the knowledge she has about Instagram. In what could be a trite teaser to her much-respected Instagram courses, Sara is insightful, endlessly resourceful and charmingly still excited and inspired by the platform from which she grew a business. I find this listen SO motivating for me to put some extra love and care into my own feed!
Start here: The Best 5 Ways to get More Instagram Followers

I hope you guys love these and they make your working week a little easier. If you have any recommendations for me, be sure to leave them here! I'm always looking for a new listen.


  1. 2 Dope Queens sound awesome, I'll have a listen when I hit that 2pm slump for sure ;-) also love the pun hahaha. My podcasts are a bit *too* career-focused usually - banking, economics and philosophy rank high! I really enjoyed the first season of Malcolm Gladwell's Revisionist History though, great for all audiences!

    Cherie ✽ sinonym

    1. IT IS SO. GOOD. Cherie! You'll love it! And my goodness, you brainy lady - you commented on my review of Blink telling me to check this one out, I'll be sure to add it to my feed! Thanks for reading and commenting, lovely. T xx


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