Today, I turned to one of my closest friends as we were walking to grab our morning tea (rituals that you cling to on especially cold, dark mornings) and sighed: 'I hate these days'. I didn't mean for it to sound so dramatic, but I really do find myself at a loose end as to what to do with the in-between days between winter and spring - those last few, horribly cold, dreary mornings and the tiny promise of sunshine that all too soon dips behind the clouds again. Snowdrops, bluebells and daffodils are just starting to bud and there's this sense of total anticipation, like both yourself and nature are joined in one long, held breath, before the release of a new season.

February was that, to me. Unexpected, trying, and fast-footed - a continuous ache in my shoulders that I was trying to stretch out of, or a coat I couldn't shake off. That's not to say it was all bad - there were definitely really great nights with friends, days wandering to new places. But there were also goodbyes, and a lot of times I wanted to crawl into bed and not get out, and little illnesses and coughs and colds that hang around too long. It was not to be my month, and sometimes? That's okay. We can let it pass, if we let it go.

So I'm happy to see March appear! I'm hopeful for some warmth, and some more natural light, some brighter mornings and longer days. I'm so excited that I get to see my mum this month, and start planning for holidays. I'm also really wishing you guys a wonderful one. Let's treat ourselves to some bloody flowers and smack on some lippie, because the cold days are soon gone.

SEE: Aside from all the Oscar stuff (oh God, how much did you cringe at THAT Best Picture moment?), the live action version of possibly my favourite Disney film, Beauty and the Beast, is out this month. Now, I'm quite adamant that Emma Watson is not my Belle, but I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, because I'm just too excited about seeing this. Sir Ian McKellan as Cogsworth?! Come ON now. Plus, every time I hear that soundtrack I just well up. 

LISTEN: Pretty sure I've already talked about A Seat At The Table but it bears repeating. I'm totally, 100% obsessed with Weary. Another stand out is Mad, and I'm sure everyone's heard Don't Touch My Hair and Cranes In The Sky by now. Such an incredible album and well worth the revisit.

GO: On a spa date. I visited the Oxford Belfry Hotel recently with work and, honestly, it was so nice! It's a spa hotel and the rooms were fantastic - huge and so nicely furnished. It made me sad I wasn't there to get a treatment and have a really relaxing break, so I'm looking at booking one for J and I! A little spa staycation never hurt, did it?

EAT: This month, we tried out our new local Gail's Bakery and I have to say, the experience was pretty special. I got the brioche french toast with maple syrup and bacon and OH WOW, it was moving. I'm planning to stop in on my way to town this weekend and grab a pastry because much like Depeche Mode, I just can't get enough.

DRINK: Might've mentioned this before, but the Rebel Kitchen Chocolate Mylk gets me through most everything. It's dairy free and made from 4 ingredients and tastes SO FREAKING YUM.

WEAR: Here it is - you know THAT Zara biker jacket. The one everyone has on Instagram, that just looks so beautiful and comfy cozy and perfect. Yeah well I had it. In my size, in my hands. And I was umming and aahing about it. And I put it back on the rack. And I will live to regret that decision for some time, because it's now, predictably, sold out. However! There is light at the end of the tunnel - I love this one from Urban Outfitters, and it's currently on 30% off. HOORAY.

READ: I'm halfway through The Heart Goes Last by Margaret Atwood and I cannot. put. it. down. Also, how disturbing is this article about how chillingly relevant 'A Handmaid's Tale' is right now? 

THINK: Through. I let a lot of 'problems' and 'obstacles' and just plain down moods get in front of me in February. I've been thinking a lot about how to climb over them or whether to sink under them, but I feel frustrated, fired up and strong enough now to punch right through.

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