GUYS IT'S SPRING. I'm sure you're already sick of me talking about it like 5000 times but just get on board - warmer weather is finally here, this week I'm switching out my heavy winter jumpers for lighter summer clothes (you always take a gamble on the time to do this in England, but I'm hoping I've made a good decision here)... Everything just feels a lot lighter and happier. Magnolia and cherry blossoms are absolutely everywhere, we've started talking meandering spring walks again and the cups of tea are being swapped for lemonades.

This month sees us off on holiday to Dubai for a big chunk of April, which couldn't have come at a better time. I'm starting a new job within my company that's gonna be a lot more responsibility and is a big step up for me - I'm ready and excited for the challenge, but some time to recharge my batteries in the sun sounds just right. J and I have been sending excited WhatsApps back and forth planning out our 'must dos' and things we can't wait for, and I'm hoping to get some great content for you guys while I'm out there too. In the meantime... Here are my picks for the month ahead!

SEE: This is going to break my heart because I'm not in the country for the screenings and I don't think I can watch live in Dubai, but Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead is one of the funniest plays I've ever read and I'm sure the NT Live version will be hilarious and worth a watch. Plus - Daniel Radcliffe!

LISTEN: Of course I'm about to give More Life a mention because this mixtape sounds like a summer holiday - particularly of note are Blem, Madiba Riddim, Get It Together and my absolute favourite, Passionfruit. Expect a butt ton of quotes from this Drake drop to start appearing on Insta. Play the 'which songs are about Rihanna' game. On heavy rotation as well has been Chanel by Frank Ocean - I don't even want to comment on him bringing out so much new material just in case it goes away. I'm just going to bask in the glory of it all.

GO: To Copenhagen! My girl Jaye recently went and her Instagram has been giving me all the wanderlust and travel envy. How can one country be so well put-together and perfect looking? And DEM PASTRIES DOE.

EAT: I have become obsessed with Oppo ice cream. Totally obsessed. It's so delicious and only 38 calories a scoop, and the salted caramel flavour is just a dream. I did enjoy the chocolate mint as well but, thankfully, my boyfriend and I differ in our favourites so there isn't a spoon showdown situation when we buy it. I really want to try the vanilla flavour too! GO OUT AND BUY IT. It's so yum.

DRINK: Hate to be a basic bitch, but the burnt caramel latte has been where it's at for me this month. I have it without the whip but with the syrup, which seems to baffle people. I just don't need the cream guys, okay? Soz.

WEAR: Narrowing this down to one thing is a difficult task this month, but I have fallen in love with this dress at Topshop and if loving it is wrong I don't want to be right. I do wish it was in a lighter colour or a fab print, but I'm justifying it as versatile because navy is basically a staple.

READ: My mum did her usual babein' thing of buying me some new reads ready for my new job, and one of them was You Are A Badass, which makes me smile every time I look at it. I'm thinking this will be my holiday read alongside my bookclub book, because sun lounger time is my most productive, reading-wise.

THINK: Less. I want to focus again on getting out of my head this month - I got really good at this during November last year and slowly slowly the anxiety has been creeping back again, so it's time to practice more yoga, do more meditation and get back into quieting my thoughts and practicing that actively. I hope you guys have a beautiful month ahead.


  1. Oh man, I want to go to Denmark sooooo badly. I would love to visit at Christmas! It just looks so beautiful and the people are so friendly!

    Damnnnnn burnt caramel sounds so good. I am also not a whipped cream fan, don't worry!

    GOOD LUCK at your new job gal, you will be AMAZING!

    Brodie Jay | Brodie Jay

    1. Aaah lady you are the sweetest, thank you! I SO want to go to Denmark. Let's just fuck everything off and go together, yeah? T xx


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