I'm not often so glowing in my reviews that I have to start off a post this way, but THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST. I feel like I should preface today's post with this blogger standard because I am about to fangirl. Hard. Sry not sry.

Last week, I stopped into Spitalfields to pick up some new glasses at what I thought was Bailey Nelson, which has actually now been rebranded to Ollie Quinn. I'd seen a couple of their stores in passing through London previously, and from what I saw of the frames on social media, I was intrigued. The minimalist, modern designs with interesting frame patterns and textures had caught my eye, as well as the polished, pared back branding of the stores. The other big draw for me was the price tag - £98 for frames and lenses - glasses-wearers amongst us will know how much lenses can rack up when they're not included in the price of the frame.

From the second I walked instore, Suzie at the Spitalfields branch was sunny, friendly and helpful without being over-attentive. She even let me put down the heavy bag I was carrying in the corner of the shop, and encouraged me to try on every frame until I found the perfect fit! She also pointed out how important it was to try your frames on in different mirrors in store to see what they'd look like in different light. I'd never really considered it before but, duh, makes total sense. After an uncrowded, relaxed and really enjoyable try-on session, I begrudgingly settled on just one frame - the Mumma C's, in the shade Galaxy. I could just as easily have picked up the MJs too, they were so gorgeous! 

The process was so easy - I paid for my frames instore, but Suzie ordered them to be delivered to my home address. She was also kind enough to put a rush order on them for me as I was travelling in just over a week, but she did explain that their usual turnaround time was 5 to 10 working days, so I wasn't expecting anything. Suzie explained that I could pay instore even though I didn't have my prescription, I would just need to email it to their customer service team once I got home. I did it that night, and their friendly operators let me know the next day that they'd received it.

I got little email updates at every stage of my glasses' journey, but to my surprise, just over a week after ordering them, a parcel turned up at 8:35 am, with a handwritten note from the team saying they hoped I enjoyed my new specs! I couldn't be more delighted with the glasses themselves - they are so sharp, and the frame and lenses feel so well-made and sturdy. I also adore the packaging - the hard case feels really durable but also looks attractive, all in keeping with that same minimalist branding. I don't often rant for four paragraphs about any one thing but guys - these are so beautiful!

I can't recommend the whole team behind Ollie Quinn and the glasses themselves enough. If you guys live in England, be sure to check out their site and see what you think! Oh, and if you wanted to see mine? Fill your boots. 

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  1. While the parcel was double wrapped (the inner layer being a bubble envelope) the rough ride across the world did squeeze the hinge of the lens case, distorting it a little. Nothing was broken inside or out but I would have preferred a boxed parcel for such a delicate item. Glasses Pensacola


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