Since my family live around 3500 miles away from me, I'm no stranger to a long-haul flight. I do the 7 hour each way trip to Dubai at least once a year and whilst I'm super lucky to be able to do that, those who fly regularly will tell you about the toll that length of flight can take on your body and skin if you don't look after yourself.

After this particular trip and flying home on Saturday, I've suffered a little worse than usual with jet lag and post-flight 'ickyness' which has me craving some extra TLC - especially in the skin department. When we landed, despite dosing up twice on my Origins Drink Up Intensive mask (I swear by this for long haul flights, btw), my skin was parched, blotchy and red/angry looking. After going through my usual cleansing routine, here are the steps I followed to get my skin Monday morning ready:

I'm not one for advocating taking sleeping pills but those facing a massive time difference and suffering with jet lag? Needs must. Tired skin looks sallow, drained of colour and dry, so sleep deprivation is a big enemy for getting yourself looking and feeling good as new again. I take a Kalms Night One-A-Night as it's herbal and quite gentle when I'm winding down for bed - with heading to Dubai, I usually wake up hours before I mean to which can mean I'm drained before my working day has even started. Taking one of these helps me to sleep through as long as I can and rest up so my body can recover!

I'm sure it must get boring to hear, but the amount that you get dehydrated on a plane is serious stuff. At comfortable levels, the humidity in our air supply is between 40 and 70%. On a plane? 20% humidity. This means your eyes, nose, throat, skin - everything is functioning at minimum 20% less moisture than comfortable. I always make sure to carry bottles of water with me on a flight as well as asking for two drinks every time the stewardesses come around with their bar service (yeah, I'm THAT person that needs to pee all the time on planes), but for days afterwards I can feel the effects on my body, so I always make sure to keep a big bottle of water close at hand.

Sheet masks are a strange and wonderful thing - I can't think of any single product which delivers quite so much saturation in one hit. I'm a big fan of the Sephora sheet masks and to combat my post-plane pallor, I went for their nourishing and repairing Avocado mask, as well as the brightening Green Tea under eye patches to make sure any dark, dry circles were a thing of the past. Whilst in Dubai I also nabbed this Dr. Jart Hydration Reset mask on a recommendation from a friend, and I'd received this Farmacy Deep Moisture mask in a gift-with-purchase earlier in the year - great timing, hey? I'm hoping with this all-star line-up over the next few days, my skin should be back to normal by mid-week!

It goes without saying that nourishing yourself with goodness is important always, but I'd say to avoid too many carb-heavy, dairy-heavy products after you've flown long-haul. Not just for your skin's sake, but also your stomach and intestines do bloat during flights. Make sure you're topping up on your fresh fruits and veggies, but also supplementing your diet with natural diuretics like green tea and foods rich in vitamin B.

I hope these tips help - and hello again! I really enjoyed my two weeks 'off' on holiday and there will be plenty of Dubai content soon, but I thought I'd get this posted while it was fresh on my mind - if you need me, I'll be under a pile of masks...


  1. Hope you've recovered from the jet lag! I feel you on all of this, as I travel 14 hours (or more depending on the airlines and if I do stopover) to go home. I DREAD IT. And I'm doing it twice this year T___T

    I am also that person who pees non stop on the plane. On a flight to US a couple of weeks ago someone asked if they could swap their seats to be nearer to her family (I felt bad, I really did) but man I ended up going to the toilet SIX TIMES on a 6 hour flight so I think I made the right choice. COOL STORY RIGHT HAHAHA.

    What do you think of the Dr Jart and Farmacy masks! It's been super popular in the AB community recently! I also sheet mask on the plane and get weird looks but it's so worth it cause my skins gets so dehydrated and damn, acne is not a good look.

    (Me saying this as I have seven (yup, SEVEN) giant spots on my forehead) -___-

    Cherie ✿ sinonym

    1. Oh my goodness Cherie - you're a hero! I can't imagine doing a flight that long, so often!! You need to give me your rundown of products...

      I haven't tried either mask yet but as soon as I do, I'll drop you a line! VERY excited for the Farmacy one - I've read so many good things!

      Thanks as always for reading and commenting, lovely. Have a great week! T xx

  2. I had never taken any kind of sleeping medication before but when my bf and I went to and from the States recently we took some over the counter stuff and it was the best decision I have ever made! I'm a really light sleeper and would barely be able to get a collected hour or two of sleep on a plane otherwise, so now I'm a total convert. I do always find it a tricky balance between drinking enough water vs needing to pee all the time because it wakes you up and means you always have to annoy people when you get up, but it's got to be done!


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