Summer, I can feel you creeping up on me! I am so excited - well, maybe relieved is the right word - that warmer weather has found its way to us and even through the sticky nights and balmy days, I've been smiling. There's something about sunlight that gives me a perma-grin, even through mornings where it wakes me up at 4am streaming through my window, and through humid afternoons where it feels like I would trade in a meal for a working fan. England in the summer is something to behold - rolling greenery, blooms popping up all over and the sizzle of barbecues being lit in every garden for miles. The freshness in the air after a little summer rain, and being able to wear open toed sandals and midi skirts - it's a heady business, these next few months. I'm so excited to see this time of year return.

Having said all of that, I can't go into June without thinking of the recent sadness at the end of last month. As an ex-resident of Manchester and someone who loves the city dearly, I felt so close and yet way too far to the community of Manchester and how tragic the events of the 22nd were. I cannot begin to express my thoughts here and how deeply I send my love to those affected, directly or indirectly. All I can say is that the heartening outpour of love after the fact has been truly inspiring. Manchester, city we love, heart of the North - I'm sending all my thoughts, love and prayers your way. You will move forward from this, somehow.

I hope June is a better month, and I hope that this post brings a smile to your face, and some light to your day.

SEE: In June, I am hoping to FINALLY get to go and see Bon Iver in Dublin after the gig at the Camden Roundhouse earlier this year was cancelled. To say I've been waiting for the chance to see them for a long time is a bit of an understatement, and even now as I'm writing this I'm worried about getting too excited about it - I've been burned before! But I cannot wait, I'm going with a few of my best pals and I'm so excited to dance and sing and probs get a bit a emosh.

LISTEN: Owing to one of aforementioned best pals, I've had a really hard time getting Sylvan Esso out of my head - particularly their song Coffee, but if you want a good introduction this NPR live performance is A++. Amelia Math's voice is so thick and full, like honey. So much to get excited about!

GO: We're off to Dublin this month, and also to the North of England to visit J's family, but one place I'm *particularly* excited to explore NEXT month is Windermere in the Lake District, where we'll be going for my birthday. We still need to book somewhere to stay, but with so many cute BnBs and cosy pubs to choose from, I'm sure it's going to be a trip to remember.

EAT: During our long, dreamy Bank holiday weekend, we ambled down to Wolvercote to the Trout Inn pub which was, quite frankly, dreamy. The setting is gorgeous - if you get a nice enough Sunday, sit by the river and try their roast dinner. Not to be missed. 

DRINK: I tried out some Innocent bubbles this month and I won't lie - these are freaking beautiful. Refreshing AF, light, fruity, and not heavy at all on the calories, these are perfect for warm summer days and picnics.

WEAR: Quite frankly, the less time I have to wait for & Other Stories to open in Oxford, the better. This dress is too beautiful and is calling my name for a birthday dress. I want to frolic in this swimsuit, and this maxi should be mine. Do you see my problem here?

READ: On my list is The Curated Closet, probably because of afore demonstrated shopping addiction, and also because Into Mind is just a fab blog. I'm also VERY keen to read Men Without Women, as my good friend Nicole has been harassing me about reading a Murakami and I feel like it's about time.

THINK: This month is set to be very full - busy with lots of very exciting plans, heading off on different adventures with many busy weekends, so I think a good place to start will be stillness, because finding those times in between the chaos will be crucial for me. I'm the kind of person that needs alone time after being with a group for a while, I need that processing space, so I'll be carving out gaps for those times as much as getting caught up in whirlwinds of excitement.

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