Somehow, it's May, and the time when we're usually all set to look to summer months, sunny skies and holidays. So it's with trepidation that I find myself approaching this month; after my holiday is over, when the warmer weather in the UK seems to have all but disappeared, and what lies ahead of me is probably going to be my biggest professional challenge to date. Couple a new job and the stress of that with upheaval personally, and it looks to be a tricky time. Still, there's plenty to look forward to and I'm trying to get my body and mind in a good place to tackle anything that's thrown at me. This month I'll be focusing on building a solid fitness routine, as well as catching up with friends and enjoying the comforts of being at home again. I find it's a balancing act, this adulting thing, and it's time for me to figure out what I actually really care about keeping up with. The rest is just noise.

Despite a bit of post-holiday blues, I've got big plans for the month - a catch up with Jaye, a hen 'do, a trip up to the North and somewhere in between all of that hopefully some time with J for our 8th anniversary (8 years in a relationship translates to fucking. long.) - so I'll be playing as hard as I work, thankfully! But let's get to what you came for - the good stuff.

SEE: This month I hope to be getting to the theatre to catch The Curious Incident of The Dog in the Night-Time while it's in Oxford on tour. It's one of my favourite books and has won like... all of the awards, so I have high hopes that it's going to be absolutely excellent.

LISTEN: I can't get out of this hip hop moment I'm having and K dot's new album isn't helping - DAMN. is powerful, present and catchy as shit - is anyone else finding themselves unable to get HUMBLE. out of their brain? I literally narrate my day with 'hold up hold up hold up hold up lil' bitch' running through my head which can make some tasks quite tricky.

GO: I have the biggest craving to visit Liverpool, city of my uni dayz, and it's not going away. I miss Bold Street, I miss the Docks, I miss Upper Parliament Street and the Cathedrals and being surrounded by music and friendly people and the Scouse accent everyday. If you're planning a Bank Holiday getaway in the UK, I couldn't recommend it more highly.

EAT: At Comptoir Libanais - J and I went to the new restaurant in Bath (I know, as if we haven't had enough Arabic food lately) and it was just as delicious as I remember it being. I'm so excited we're getting our very own in Oxford! Do yourself a favour and order the chicken taouk wrap and a Limona - perfect lunching material. Their hummus is also amongst the best I've tried in the UK.

DRINK: Fully having a moment with San Pellegrino at the minute - have you ever tried their mint lemon flavour? It's difficult to get hold of but OH MY WORD if you find it, pick it up. So delishus.

WEAR: I'm just a bit in love with this cactus print onesie and very much would like to lounge in it watching Netflix all day so if that could be arranged that'd be pretty sweet.

READ: I've had The Essex Serpent in my iBooks for aaaages and finally got around to starting it on holiday - I'm intrigued! Have any of you read it? Let me know what you thought! I also am desperate to pick up The Girl of Ink and Stars because how beautiful?

THINK: Power. I need more of it, I want to channel it, and I want to give credit to more of my own. I think that women in particular are sometimes undermined or even undermine themselves by not wanting to flex their muscles, but this isn't the time for me to take a backseat. May is gonna be a big month for doing groundwork and starting as I mean to go on, so LET'S GET IT.

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