Since my holiday last month, I've been making some serious changes to my diet and lifestyle because, like everyone else, the weight I'd lost before holiday found me again during. I've amped up my fitness routine, incorporating more HIIT sessions and boxing classes (I know, who am I?), and I've been really focusing on eating healthily and as whole foods as possible, sticking to unprocessed meals as much as I can. I've swapped out some heavier meals for lighter ones as we're heading into warm weather, and I figured you guys might appreciate the breakdown of what I've been doing! I'm also trying to stay off the scales, but in the past month these changes have helped me drop a dress size and lose around 2kg. Nothing ground-breaking, but from tiny acorns and all that!

For this swap, you're going to want to get juicy. I'd suggest investing in a juicer or blender - if you're stuck, these Panasonic juicers are a great place to start, or if you're looking for something a little more compact, try a Blend Active. I've swapped out my usual greek yoghurt and berries for a much lighter smoothie or green juice - I've been particularly fond of this lime and avocado smoothie, but I sub out bananas for berries to keep the carb and sugar intake a little lower. Madeleine Shaw's Stomach Soothing Green juice is another great recipe for giving me the energy I need for the day without bloating me. It might sound predictable but I honestly, hand-on-heart don't get hungry until just before lunchtime when I have this for breakfast!

Here it is - snacking is bland when you're trying to stay away from refined sugars and carbs. I've stuck to one portion of fruit a day and some nuts in the afternoon, or a protein shake if I've got a gym session coming up. Occasionally I'll have some jerky if I'm feeling really peckish. But there's no getting around it - the work you do in the gym shows in the kitchen, and little office treats and odd trips to go grab myself some sweet popcorn at work were really beginning to show. I try and keep myself fuller by making sure I'm drinking enough, which segways on nicely to...

Ice cold water with sliced up limes or lemons. Maybe even a cheeky bit of mint. My boyfriend really likes cucumber in his but I find it unnatural. Water is heavenly in the summer heat, but even better it does help to keep your body working at its peak and keep your brain firing on all cylinders. For the first couple of days that I was implementing all of these changes, I suffered really badly with sugar withdrawal headaches, and chugging water was about the only way to get through it.

I keep my portions mainly protein and greens, so I'll have something like cashew chicken curry with spinach, or a hearty salad with lean turkey - it can get a little repetitive, but I try and keep things as interesting as possible and not scrimp on flavour - there's a lot you can do with garlic and spices, let me tell ya! Also greek yoghurt and low fat sour cream have been godsends. Never underestimate the thickening deliciousness of adding greek yoghurt in to a tomato-based sauce. I haven't particularly limited myself with lunches and if I want, I'll still grab something from work, but I try and keep carbs to an absolute minimum (unless I've just worked out!) and will head for veggie options with some lean protein.

Dinner usually was a big meal for me, one I shared with my boyfriend and very often our portions were way off. We'd eat after 7 and usually it would leave us feeling lethargic and full. Now, if I've worked out I'll eat immediately after to make sure I'm making good use of all those good carbs and fats, and if I haven't worked out I'll eat something simple like I did at lunch. If I want a hot chocolate or something sweet after dinner I'll usually have a fruit tea or a cuppa. I've been quite strict with myself initially as I am working so hard in the gym and kickstarting my metabolism, but I imagine in order to make this a more sustainable lifestyle change I'll need to relax the rigidity of what I'm doing right now a little bit. Everything in moderation!

Have you guys found any particularly successful ways to shape up bad eating habits? I'd love to hear from you!

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