It's almost (another!) Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK and temperatures are FINALLY starting to climb - as I write this the sun is shining, and it's a positively tropical 25 degrees outside! Whether you're jetting off somewhere exotic or perching by the paddling pool in your back garden, I thought I'd share my favourite picks for tanning weather. Let's get into it.

SPF - The Non-Negotiable: So, in my humble opinion, you can't get much better for protection than the noble Soltan range from Boots, but if you're looking for something just a little bit special, I also love Supergoop and this Neutrogena SPF 100+ spray on lotion. In Dubai, the sun was so strong that I'd stick pretty much to 30 at the lowest, but I'm quite happy in SPF 20 as my skin doesn't tend to burn too easily. My top tip with sun exposure is to remember to build up your resistance to UV if you've been in a colder climate (i.e. England) before going somewhere very sunny. Start high and work your way down in terms of your SPF - and don't drop below 15!

READING MATERIAL: This holiday I read a light easy motivational book - You Are A Badass, by Jen Sincero. This was perfect for dipping in and out of as I got ready to take on a new job. It's just enough 'woo woo' and just enough empowering self-help advice for me, so it went down a treat. Great companions are Kinfolk magazine, Porter, and Breathe magazine. These are beautiful, well-crafted, medium-to-longform reads which go just perfectly with lounging by the pool.

SUNNIES: I'm personally a big fan of Quay Australia and have the My Girl shades in this beautiful blue-green tint, but the big plan one day is to save up for my very own pair of Ray Bans. I really like this style - that pink ombre is divine!

BEACH HAT: Okay, so I guess it's not a necessity but I do love a good beach hat. There are so many gorgeous straw hats around at this time of year - the one pictured is from ASOS and is sold out now but here's a similar one! There are plenty around if this is your style, but don't discount the effortless chic of a good boater hat!

HYDRATION: I usually take a big bottle of ice cold water with lemon to sip by the pool - even when you're not swimming, the amount you sweat in the sun means you need to keep that water level replenished, namean? Why not whip yourself up a big jug of detox water before you go veg out - you'll feel all the better for it!

A SOUNDTRACK: I love making playlists, and my 'Poolside' Apple Music list has been played almost every morning since we came back from Dubai in an attempt to convince myself I'm still on holiday. Spoiler alert: it hasn't worked. BUT it does bring back some very sunny memories, and was so relaxing on holiday. A good place to start, for me, was Drake's new drop and Chance the Rapper's album.

KAFTANS GALORE: Beachwear makes me so happy tbh (think it's my inner Dubaian) and there's nothing like a good cover up just in case it gets a little nippy (passing cloud is a bitch). There is so much glorious summer clobber out on the high street right now, but this pom pom sarong is a real highlight. If you're more of a full body cover up kind of girl, check out this gorgeous kaftan from Oysho.

What makes your beach bag edit?

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