The inevitable has happened - Glossier has finally found its way to the blog.

I suppose in exchange for New York snatching away a dear friend (and still somehow not permitting me to find my way over there), a little new skincare is an okayish peace offering. I was so excited for the day I'd get to try my first Glossier product, so when the little pink bubble wrapped parcel arrived on my desk, there was a little bit of nervous anticipation. Would it live up to the hype? Would it have been worth the wait? Where would I stick the free emoji stickers?

Let's keep this quick and dirty because I know you're all busy individuals with your own lives to get back to - this cleanser is awesome. Here's why -
  • It does an incredible job of removing make up
  • It's simple and hydrating
  • Rather than being a foaming wash, this is actual jelly - the texture is wobbly. It's unlike anything I've ever come across and makes cleansing an interesting experience! It doesn't strip skin at all but rather nourishes it
  • It leaves skin soft and plump to the touch
This cleanser has relegated my Pixi x Caroline Hirons cleanser to my drawer because it is that good - and to be clear, I love the dual phase cleanser by Pixi. Where this beats it is ease - I have never met a cleanser so easy to get onto and off of my mug. This will please skincare newbs and addicts like myself alike - it's paraben free, soap free, fragrance free, sulphate free and importantly - cruelty-free. My only slight gripe is the scent - as there's a high rosewater content, this does smell strongly of rose. If that's your bag then go for it, but sometimes it does catch me off-guard. Having said that, it's nowhere near enough to stop me from using this as my daily morning and evening cleanser.

An ethical brand at a price point I like with products this good is so worth the hype. Hurry up, Glossier, and get to the UK pronto!

Have you guys tried any Glossier? What would you recommend?


  1. I have this + some other Glossier bits (the Cloud Paints are my fave) and you're right, I wasn't expecting such a strong scent of rose! I love the texture of this; not too sure whether it does anything more than gives your face a good cleanse but I do like it as a basic cleanser for minimal makeup days!

    Glossier is supposed to launch in UK soon right? Hopefully they bring over some of their cool stuff!

    Cherie ✿ sinonym

    1. I'm SO desperate to try the Cloud Paints! You're right - it is a great basic, keeps things simple and does what it does well. I was pretty impressed at how well it took off my make up to be honest, very often I don't even need a second cleanse, even with what I would consider 'heavy' make up!

      I am counting down the minutes, literally. The sooner the better!

      Thanks for reading and commenting Cherie! T xx


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