Fragrance isn't usually something I feel I can ramble on about compellingly or articulately at all, but every so often a perfume will come along and convince me it is worth the effort. As I've mentioned before, if I'm wearing scent I like it to evoke the mood of the season I'm in - I have some perfumes that naturally feel warmer and heavier, but when the brighter months of spring and summer come along, I usually like to go for fresh, clean scents - a little floral, but not overwhelmingly so. Last year it was Peony and Blush Suede, but this year and thanks to my lovely mama, an unexpected familiar stranger has been added to my lineup!

On the way out to Dubai earlier in April, I couldn't quite believe stumbling upon the limited edition and (to my knowledge) completely sold out Osmathus Blossom in the middle of duty free. I'd fallen in love with the scent a few years before but it had flown off shelves, leaving me with no time to save up for it - let's not forget, buying a Jo Malone perfume is expensive. At £90 for the full size (a slightly cheaper £75 at duty free), this is an investment and a real treat - I want to be really clear that any Jo Malone perfume I've had in the past has been bought at duty free in travel size, for £30. Much, MUCH more tolerable a price for something you spray on your body.

Having said that, I had totally fallen in love with this perfume and after so long pining after it, I knew I'd use it to the very last drop. My travel sized bottles have all lasted me for months at a time, so I'm sure this one will take me at least a year to get through. Okay - responsible disclaimer over - let me tell you what makes it so wonderful.

This scent is fresh and spring-like, but really unusual - it's both pulp-y and light, owing perhaps to the peach, apricot and orange flower notes which contrasts with the petitgrain and cashmere wood warmth in the base notes of the perfume. When I wear it I can smell it lingering on my skin all day, it isn't overpowering or heavy in any way, it's just effortless and light and easy - everything you'd want in a perfume. I'd suggest it's one for warmer weather, but if you like a fresh fragrance any time of year then this could be the pick for you.

It seems Osmanthus Blossom has now been re-released (hooray) but I'm not sure how long for - the different packaging does suggest that it is still a limited edition fragrance. Let me know what you think if you decide to give it a try!

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