Well that was a cute little disappearing act I did, huh!

If you're still out there - thank you! - and sorry that July ran away with me. Historically, it does have a tendency to do that. My birthday, family visiting, wedding season and weekend plans with friends mean that I do tend to let things get a little hectic during July, and now I find myself in that strange position of saying 'somehow it's August!'. Here we are, and what a tumultuous start this month has had already in the UK. With blustery winds and rainfall likening more to mid-autumn than late summer, August has been a little confusing already. But! I'm optimistic. We're heading into another month with a long weekend (yay!), more Game of Thrones (double yay! are you guys loving it?), and the last little hurrahs of summer weather (I hope?). August, I won't give up on you, if you don't quit on me.

Here on the blog, I'm excited for what the content calendar holds, and I've also given the place a little refresh - I'd definitely outgrown the old layout and I'm hoping this new look heralds in some of the exciting plans I've got for TGG. Keep your eyes peeled!

But for now, let's get into making plans and what to look forward to this month - isn't this the best part?

SEE: I'm ridiculously excited to be seeing Dunkirk this Sunday. I'm sure it's not going to be an easy watch, but Christopher Nolan is one of my favourite directors and the fact that the soundtrack is Hans Zimmer again is just top notch. Expecting all of the Inception and The Dark Knight trilogy feels all over again. Plus Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy is maths I like.

LISTEN: I've had a couple of things on repeat this month but the new HAIM album is a bop (this cover is freaking genius) and I've been obsessed with The Story of OJ, too. To all the people lucky enough to have seen Frank Ocean this summer: I hate you and am eternally jealous.

GO: One marked on my 'to visit' list this month is the stunningly beautiful Sezincote House - have you ever seen such a pretty building? It really reminds me of the Royal Pavillion in Brighton and the gardens look absolutely incredible. Also, if you're in my neck of the woods, don't miss out on the complete Insta opportunity that is Cotswold Lavender.

EAT: Random but true, these Graze Honey & Oat protein bites got me through some very testing food drought inducing family trips during July. I don't know where I would have been were it not for their delicious, energy-giving properties. They also survived a total downpour in my open bag, and weren't even slightly soggy. Win.

DRINK: New to me, but has anyone else tried the Skinny Colada at Bills because HOLY TOLEDO that will get you lit up like a Christmas tree on minimal calories with added pineapple-y coconut-ty deliciousness. Two thumbs up. Also on my scrummy list this month? Bluebird Strawberry Lemonade tea. Unmissable.

WEAR: I am lusting after nothing in the way that I am lusting after this beautiful sundress for my holiday to Rome in September. I just want to flounce around feeling like Audrey Hepburn. Is that so much to ask?! Also, Mad Men bingeing with the bf has meant that I'm totally obsessed with Joanie Clothing. Full review incoming, but sneak preview: Fit? 10/10. Quality? 10/10. Style: 10/10.

READ: My mum is preddyyyyy sneaky and bought me Artful and How To Be Both by Ali Smith for my birthday (thanks mama!) so both of those are on my 'to read if I get a spare 5 seconds' list.

THINK: This month's word is going to be joy. I want to live a month trying to get as much happiness and gratitude as I can out of my every day. I'm sure it'll be a challenge to put cynicism on the back-burner for a little while but I don't find it helpful when I'm trying to get a lot of personal goals reached and looking forward positively. Let's see how it pans out!


  1. Hope you'll enjoy Dunkirk! It is for sure a hard watch but it's beautifully shot and the tension is amazing. I don't watch GoT anymore but it seems like it's back in full swing! That tea looks delightful, I'll need me more cups with this terrible weather :(

    Cherie ✿ sinonym

    1. Thanks so much for reading and commenting Cherie! I LOVED Dunkirk - I loved the sparsity of it, how little dialogue there was, the soundtrack - just everything was masterful. The tea is DELISH and yes, it looks like summer's over now :( Bring on the tea, blankets and hot food! T xx


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