July was a month all about travelling, from minibreaks to family holidays, I was all over the place and rarely out of a suitcase.

Most of what I used regularly had to be compact enough to fit into my travel make up bag, which has become this Glossier pouch (I know, you can say it - basic). So this really is the cream of the crop for me - everything I need to take my tired face from blah to beauts.

As July was a somewhat sunny month, I stuck pretty religiously to my It! Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC cream with SPF 50. I use the shade Light and blend it in with a Beauty Blender, doing those little quick bounces all over my face, and making sure to blend into my neck and ears. What I end up with is a seamless, lit-from-within but matte finish on the face, that really does look like skin. It works really well for me for everyday and office make up.

Now that I've repurchased my NARS creamy concealer in Vanilla, using this every day is a joy. There's nothing like a fresh restock of your favourites, is there? This brightens up my undereyes like nothing else and blends out like a dream. If t'ain't broke, right?

My MAC eyeshadow palette has been a solid favourite for so long now, but let me talk you through how I use the four shades. Satin Taupe is my go-to for more smokey evening looks, or a wash of strong colour on the eyes if I'm going for a more 60s mod look in the office. Soba is an incredible olivey/gold-y shade which looks amazing if I'm doing a brown-toned lip for a strong 90s vibe. All That Glitters is my every day, lifesaver shade. If I don't want to think about my make up, this is what I've got on my eyes. And finally Saddle, which I use through my crease if I want to deepen any of the looks above and give a little more dimension to the eye. I adore them all - still, even now. And yes, I did DROP MY PALETTE AND CRACK TWO SHADES. Sobs.

The Cover Girl Clump Crusher in Black is the best everyday mascara I could recommend - separating, lifting, not clumpy at all and very awakening to the eyes - this gets me through early starts at work and makes me look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

A funny little gem of a product is the Bite Beauty multistick in Almond - I love using this as a cream blush, but I equally loved it as a lip stain, although it was a little drying for my tastes. It blends beautifully though and does do a great job of creating a natural flush and even a teeny bit of contour to the cheekbones. Fine by me gurl.

Finally, this lipstick. Oh Charlotte Tilbury, how you understand me. You understand that I want a my lips but better colour that's going to camouflage to my perfect nude, but also make my lips look fuller and plumper. You know I want a matte finish that's going to stick around, but it smoothly applied and comfortable to wear. And you know I want dat shiny, heavy rose gold packaging. I can't say anything bad about Pillow Talk. It is my perfect everyday shade. Thank you, CT, for getting me.

What has made your everyday make up cut lately?


  1. I really wanna try the Nars concealer - that sounds like something I would love :)
    - www.majaharder.com

    1. Aah you should Maja! It's one of my holy grail products. I don't see myself ever switching... Well, maybe for Glossier when it comes to the UK ;) T xx

  2. There's something about MAC palettes that are still so satisfying after all these years! Love your shade combination x

    A Little Treat | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Thanks Zazie! It has served me well all this time ;) I do itch to get some new ones though! T xx

  3. It's funny, no matter how many eyeshadow palettes and formulas there are around these days, I still love MAC and am still thinking about buying new shades from them. Being able to customise your palette and only own shades you actually love and use is such a nice feeling, especially because there are always at least a couple of shadows in every palette that don't get much use from me, so MAC is always going to be a staple.

    I still don't have Pillow Talk but it's one of the only lip products on my wishlist because everyone says it's the perfect shade, and you can't go past that Charlotte Tilbury packagaing.


    1. I knowwww, I can't quit mine. I really want to though for ethical reasons, so I'm thinking when I hit pan on these I'm going to just call time on the addiction - of course, it's all very well saying this now, but when it comes around to it...

      Aaah Jessica you have to try it! It's such a great shade. Very sexy and very effortless, and that classic packaging? Whew. Go tryyyyy!! T xx


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