A strange thing happened to me last week.

I received a message from a member of my family, asking if I could pop into Lush and pick him up some Sleepy body lotion.

This person up until this point had thought 'Good Housekeeping' was a magazine about cleaning products. They called my teenage frequent changes in hair colour a 'cut', and had never once stepped foot in a Lush store, failing to realise that there were several locations nearby him, he's that unfamiliar with the beauty world. He wanted some product. It was disconcerting, to say the least.

Then I realised - the world of the Lush PR had been made suddenly active. 'Insomnia cure' claims and tales of anxiety reduction had hit the press and snowballed somewhat, meaning that the news had made it all the way across the globe to the Emirates, where my family had come across something he hoped would help with his high blood pressure. Tall claims and high praise, but I had to wonder - would he be disappointed?

Let's talk about what Sleepy is - a blend of lavendar, cocoa butter and oatmeal infusion, it smells like a dreamy yummy hug. It's thick and goopy, which mean that 'body lotion' might be a bit of a stretch - I think of this more as a body creme texture, meaning I mostly use it after a bath or shower, before getting into my PJs. It requires some soak in time, I'd say 15-20 minutes to be on the safe side, but the cocoa butter means the scent will linger on any clothes you put on after application. My pyjamas cling on to the smell, which is sweet and comforting.

The ritual of applying the lotion is soothing in itself - it's a very luscious product, meaning you have to take time to work it into your skin. It also isn't the sort of thing you can apply and then 'get on' with doing other things, unless you want to leave sticky, greasy finger marks over everything you handle. So, in its nature, this product does kind of force you into slowing down, taking some 'me' time.

However, I think the 'miracle cure' claims are unfounded. Do I notice a difference in my sleep when I use this? Perhaps, but equally I've had bad nights of sleep after using it. Do I find the product relaxing to use? Absolutely. But do I think my family member will derive anxiety lowering, medicinal properties from using this lotion? Probably not. You see, it's all in the approach. For the truly anxious, this lotion requires too much time and dedication to 'fix' anything. Mental health and disorders like insomnia cannot be 'cured' with a body lotion. But is this a worthwhile product which, when used as intended, will help you relax? Undoubtedly.

That being said, a note for eczema sufferers - this did cause one tiny flare up in a problem spot I always have - I'm not sure if this is because it's summer and the air in the house is quite warm, which means that shea butter stays on my pores for longer and irritates the delicate skin there. I'll keep trying through winter and report back, probably on my Insta stories, so do follow if you don't already.

I'd definitely try Sleepy if you enjoy a good pamper or are looking to build some self care into your pre-bedtime routine. But please, please don't go expecting miracles because of a little spin. Love it for what it is.

I'm keen to hear if any of you have had real improvements in sleep or anxiety as a result of using Sleepy - let me know in the comments!


  1. Once again it's like you've been in my brain and wrapped up all my thoughts in a neat little parcel to share on the internet. It's nice having a soul sista.

    1. Tamira Hamam, stealing ur brainz since... well like '94 I guess. '88 you didn't have much brainz.


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