Today marks the official beginning of autumn - the autumnal equinox.

Not that you're in any danger of missing it - Instagram, blogs and Twitter seem to be covered with the requisite 'hygge', wooly jumpers and mugs of tea posts - and look at me doing all three today. I'm a real blogger now!

Still, jokes aside, this is my favourite season. I love the slight chill in the air - the still bright mornings and cosier evenings, the indulgence of choosing to stay in and snuggle rather than feeling like you should spend every waking moment outside. I'm a home comforts kinda gal, and this season plays into that tendency. More than that, it's the time of year I find myself productive, inspired and recharged, ready to work. So I thought I'd combine that energy with another favourite of mine - list-making - and jot down a 'could do' list for this beautiful time of year.

- Host a movie night, ideally with baked goods: I don't know if it's GBBO, or the whole 'nesting' thing, or just sugar and carbs, but damn do I want to bake some deliciousness right now! I'd love to rustle up a crumble or cherry pie - I made this banana and cinnamon loaf from Madeleine Shaw's recipe book last week and it was super delish!

- Go on a long walk in Scorton, or Beacon Fell: One I hope to get done this weekend! We're up north in Poulton visiting James' family, and the area they live in, being so close to the Lake District, is just beautiful for long walks and exploring. It's so idyllic and calm, it always makes me feel better and so much more relaxed.

- Get back into a proper reading habit: Summer always seems to break all the good habits I try to form in the winter and spring, and reading (and my book club!) has fallen prey to the usual 'plans every weekend' problem. Now that we'll be spending more time indoors and slowing down for the colder months, it'll be a good time to dive into my 'to read' pile.

- ... And get back into good habits: Rome happened, summer plans happened, and the gym and home cooked meals sort of fell off the wagon a little. So it's time to fix up look sharp, find a routine that works for me and get back in the kitchen. I'm feeling much more inspired to give cooking a go and dust off the ol' slow cooker so I can leave things bubbling away while we're at work. I'm also really intrigued by The Roasting Tin - one pan meals are A-OK with me - no brainers! As for working out, I'm determined to give this pilates class right next to where I live a go... if only I could rope a willing pal into going with me...

- Have an all-out girls shopping day with my mum, followed by whiskey cocktails: This one's pretty specific, but I'm actually going to get to see my mum fairly near to the festive season this year, and how often does that happen?! Erm, never. So I'm planning a special day for the two of us to shop 'til we drop, have a special lunch and cocktails a-plenty at the new The Alchemist opening in town. So. Bloody. Excited.

- Get back to writing every night: I had such a great habit going last autumn and winter, and I'm excited to get back to what I love the most - writing, creating, storytelling, and working on content. I'm so jazzed that I'm feeling inspired again!

- Treat myself: Work is stepping up a gear, I have a lot of personal projects to tend to, and taking time to rest and repair is really important when you're firing on that many cylinders. I don't want to get burnt out or sick, so building in some regular chill out time and creating rituals around finishing work and starting rest will be really important for me.

- Invest in bedding: To that end - time to get honest: my bed frame, mattress and pillows absolutely blow. I don't remember the last time I had a really restful night's sleep. Every time I stay at my grandma's house it's like sleeping on a cloud made of marshmallows, and I need to get me some of that. So, whilst it'll be a slow process, I want to buy us at least pillows, a mattress topper, and high quality bedding that will really give us good nights' sleeps in it!

- Stock up on all the tea: No, not THAT tea, hunty... cups of tea! I love a good cuppa and flavours like Spiced Pumpkin Pie are just too good to resist, no?

What have you all got planned for autumn? 


  1. Sounds like Autumn is going to be lots of fun! You know, walk through the door of that pilates class and by the time you walk out you won't need a pal next time ; ) Mxx

    1. I hope so! I just might take your advice, when YOU walk through the door of a pilates class, mum... ;) T xx

  2. Sounds like an excellent list to me! We've just invested in a super kingsize duvet, hopefully to stop my husband stealing the whole thing during the night XD

    1. Aaaah the super kingsize - THAT is the dream Katie! I'm really looking forward to Autumn :) Hope you have a lovely one - thanks for reading and commenting! T xx


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