September has a strange kind of alchemy - past academia, it shouldn't really represent new beginnings and the start of a new chapter, but somehow that sensibility during this month has stayed with me through 'til adulthood and career years. Perhaps because I work in publishing, this is the time of year that campaigns get released, budgets are eaten up and the industry comes to life again with people returning to the drawing board after summer. It's no surprise then that I'm feeling creatively alive again, with lots of possibilities and potential projects buzzing around in my head. Both personally and professionally, I feel like soon it'll be time to notch up a gear.

Having said that, this is also a time for relaxing - J and I have a city break to Rome planned for the first week of the month (we're headed there for his 30th birthday!), which we're both so excited for. The Eternal City has been on our 'to visit' list for almost as long as we've been together, and we've got plenty of exploring to do. I'll be taking my vlogging camera along to capture some of the trip, so expect that to follow! I'll also be doing another of my city guides hopefully, as I'm sure we're going to eat our bodyweight in pasta, pizza and gelato, and it only seems right to share the wealth.

I'm also really looking forward to returning home as the leaves begin to change, burning candles, that first switch on of the heating, and chilly mornings. It's about time for something new, eh?

SEE: To fill the TV-shaped hole in my heart that Game of Thrones has brutally ripped away - GBBO. I haven't watched any of the new series yet as I'm waiting to be reunited post-travel with one of my best girls (and then there will be cake - oh, there will be cake). I'm really excited to see the new iteration of the show on C4 after hearing great reviews and honestly, this is the television equivalent of a lovely cuppa. Comforting, warming, and just what you need.

LISTEN: I don't know what he's trying to do to me this year but Frank Ocean has released another one and bloody killed it - Provider is just gorgeous. However a new (to me) discovery is Daniel Caesar and his debut album Freudian, which I've been loving. His voice is like buttahhhhhh and particular standouts are 'Get You' and 'Best Part'. Such soothing, mellow vibes, perfect for transitional season time.

GO: There can surely only be one answer to this, and that is Rome. I cannot wait to go and I'm quite excited we're heading off for a late summer break - it makes the fact that we used up most of our annual leave in May a little easier to deal with! I'm all about the autumn getaway.

EAT: I have found true love in yoghurt form. I'm not sure if I've ranted about The Collective yet but they are the purveyors of some pretty delicious wares, and I've found a new fav - Strawberry and Marscapone. SO. GOOD. Lads - seriously, get yourself some of this, chop up some berries into it - bangin' snack or brekkie. Trussssss me.

DRINK: I'm going to get some basic bitch hate here, but you cannot beat a good brew, and Joes Tea Co Ever So English Breakfast is one of the best I've ever tried. Teapigs Everyday Brew is also beauts. Upgrade your cuppa with either.

WEAR: I'm in love with a bag and I cannot and shall not apologise for it. The leather! The cross-body! THE NAME NORA.

READ: My 'to read' pile is a big fat huge joke atm, I'm even behind on my book club (for shame), but I will recommend a book based on what I'm seeing and hearing about it - Robert Webb's How Not To Be A Boy. This interview and his interview on Women's Hour pretty much sold it to me. That and Peep Show obvs.

THINK: Nothing works unless you do. I think that about sums it up, no?

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