Autumn is about the time that my reading list really takes off.

And by takes off, I mean gets ticked off. Summer brings with it non stop plans, family time and holidays, but Autumn lends itself to cosying up with a blanket, a big mug of tea and a good book - ideal for someone who has a lot of titles to get through this season. Not only am I a month behind on my book club (for shame), but I've also got quite a few picks of my own that I want to wing through. Still, here are the special few I did get through this summer.

Jen Sincero

I wasn't sold on this at first glance, but once you get adjusted to Jen's voice (and there is an adjustment!), this book is so valuable if you're looking for career and financial success. You can really tell that Jen is a woman that works hard, works smart, and whose enthusiasm for the life she's made for herself transmits through the pages. I'm really interested to pick up her next book, You Are A Badass At Making Money. There's a lot of wisdom in this book and I'm particularly interested in her ideas around wealth and the guilt we all associate with making money. It really resonated with me!

Ali Smith

I don't have words enthusiastic enough to talk articulately about how I felt about this book. It was the first book of Ali's I've read and suffice it to say two more now reside on my bookshelf. Her command of language is masterful, her characters are real - they breathe life into every page. I feel as though I know everyone she speaks about. And yet, the work is artistic - it is art - poetic in form and nature, sprawlingly ambitious, but equally cosy, familiar, homely. Perhaps because of its subject matter, this novel is so very close to home at times it is suffocating and anxiety-inducing. But like all of my favourite writing, the story Ali tells just engulfs you - you can't help but want to keep turning page after page. I devoured this book and I'm sure I will with any books of hers I read next. I'm so, so excited to have found an author I love so much, so instantaneously!

Zadie Smith

Let's preface this with a fact - Zadie Smith has an incredible command of storytelling. She's so well-read and curious, and it comes across in every word she writes. Her novels are powerful - they deal with social, political and economic injustices and observations, as well as playfully weaving in pop culture and Zadie's own view of the world. This novel in particular does a wonderful job of enveloping old Hollywood glamour - Fred and Ginger, black and white movies, soft shoe and tap, jazz to swing to vaudeville colour this whirlwind of a journey through one woman's life - her dreams, her hopes, her ambitions, her suffering. Zadie knows how to write about what it is to be a woman, in a moment in time. However, I did find this novel to deal with the same kind of themes as On Beauty before it. It didn't hit me as compellingly as On Beauty, as I found the narrative voice to be a little detached. This might have been a character choice (I'm sure it was), but it did slow the pace and intent of the novel for me. However, I'm still a big fan of Zadie's, and always will be.


Laura Marshall

Ali Smith

Ali Smith

Otegha Uwagba


  1. Lovely reviews, and I enjoyed having a nosy at what you’ve been reading lately. Autumn sounds perfect to cosy up with, and I’ve already heard lots of good things from the author. I know Ali Smith has wrote a book called winter, maybe you should check that out? I recently picked up two different books by Zadie Smith, I’m currently into On Beauty which I’m enjoying so far. :-) xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Aw thanks so much for your comment Helen! Definitely grab Autumn, I'm very excited for Winter - they're all a part of the same series :) Aaah I'm glad you're enjoying On Beauty - is it your first Zadie Smith novel? T xx

  2. Oh, I absolutely agree with you on Zadie! She's just utterly amazing. Currently reading Swing Time myself... and Autumn is also on my to read next list! :) Gosh, I love this season... really has gotten much colder though. Happy Wednesday to you, hope the week is turning out well so far! :)
    x finja ~


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