1. Switch out your summer wardrobe for your autumn one, or have a closet declutter.

2. Give yourself an at-home mani and pedi. Barefoot in Barcelona is a favourite dusky nude, whilst I absolutely love Ready to Boa for this time of year.

3. Start a bullet journal - or an Erin Condren planner.

4. Curl up with a good book and a huge mug of tea.

5. Watch an old black and white movie - I'd recommend starting with Some Like It Hot.

6. Revamp your CV and/or business card, personal website, LinkedIn page. Make sure you're giving the best impression of yourself and your career - you never know who's looking!

7. Make an epic playlist, or scroll through some of your custom made/premade playlists on Apple Music or Spotify.

8. Bake something in a loaf tin - ideally this chocolate peanut butter banana bread.

9. Put a YouTube playlist on and deep clean your home - hey, when else are you gonna clean the oven and wash the cushion covers?

10. Catch up on your favourite podcasts - here are some of mine.

11. Host a potluck movie afternoon - everyone brings a dish and a DVD, you all vote on what movie to watch and dig in to everyone's cooked treats!

12. Make cookies - just because cookies.

13. Check in with your goals or write some new ones! I always find rainy days the ones where I'm pondering and pottering about the house with my thoughts. Turn that energy into something productive!

14. Open up a bottle of wine or make some hot toddies and share with a buddy (or keep all to yourself!)

15. Teach yourself something new - a colleague at work yesterday told me she's teaching herself how to code! Insane. But there's a ton of information out there - whether it's a Skillshare class or a YouTube tutorial - find your bliss!

16. Slow it down with some deep breathing and meditation - light some candles, get into the zone and chill. the. eff. out.

17. Take a Pilates class - this lady doesn't screw around. I used to have her MTV Pilates dvd and it was serious stuff.

18. Give your furniture a shift around and rejig your environment. A change up of your space can really help blow out the cobwebs and give you a jolt of inspiration.

19. Put your wellies on, grab an umbrella and head to a forest for a long walk. Nobody said you had to hide from the rain indoors! Unless it's torrential, in which case... Just make a pot of tea and get yourself a hot water bottle. No one needs that.

20. Make a batch of soup! I always find myself craving a fresh crusty roll and a piping hot bowl of tomato soup when it's gloomy outside. One of life's little pleasures.

21. Have an afternoon of creative writing! Here are some ideas to get you started.

22. Browse the ASOS New In page and add a whole lot of loveliness to your Saved Items. I mean. We all do it, right?

23. Make time to catch up with an old friend. Having a good old chin wag when it's rubbish outside is one of life's little luxuries.

24. Bath. You. Candles. Face mask. Tiny baby spa.

25. Meal plan, order a big food shop, and rest smug and satisfied in the knowledge that so much yummy is on its way to you.

26. Colour, draw, paint, make something with your hands. When was the last time you were creative just for the sake of making something? I can't remember the last time I crafted something! There are a billion crafts on Pinterest, so hop in and get started.

27. Organise a long-distance viewing party with a faraway friend. I used to do this all the time with my buddies and haven't in so long! The basic idea is you synch up watching a film together and either Skype or WhatsApp your way through it together. Long-distance date!

28. Have a floor picnic, complete with baguette, cheeses, salad, deli meats, and fresh fruit for dessert.

29. Go bowling. Or laser quest. Or playing arcade games. Or frankly any indoor activity where the average age is 9.

30. Build a blanket fort, set yourself up with your laptop, and do not leave all day. Dress code: PJs. Not optional.

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