I hope you weren't expecting anything less than a Glossier haul the week after their UK launch.

Yes, last Monday, Glossier opened their figurative doors to UK orders and by 11AM, my order had been made. My love for their Milky Jelly Cleanser is no secret, and knowing that I have an unlimited supply to repurchase whenever I need to restock is a wonderful thing - but I surprised myself when I added to cart that Monday morning.

Rather than heading immediately for the skincare, I went instead to the make up for my first picks. I guess they had just been taunting me for too long, these 'wonder' products, with their sleek design and perfectly pitched offerings. I wanted to know - could these products really live up to the hype?

So here it is - what I ordered from their make up offering, ranked by how much I liked/disliked it. I'll try not to get too giddy.

Stretch Concealer: I cannot tell you how much this formula blew my mind. It's such a strange texture - almost watery, but with a little mousse in there too, and then creamy to blend. It's buildable, light as a feather, and literally feels like dew on the skin. This is a theme that I've noticed, particularly with their cream products - they feel dewy and glowy on the skin. It's a very alien thing to me, but not unwelcome at all. But yes - this concealer. I ordered the shade 'Medium' as I wanted a concealer not for my undereyes, but to tone down redness and patches of discolouration on my skin, and this works an absolute treat for that. I'm sure I'll one day order the shade 'Light' to trial it at covering dark circles, but as a spot and redness concealer, this does a beautiful job. I'm so, so impressed at how this builds and blends, and it really doesn't crease on me at all (I might just be lucky)!

Boy Brow: This almost took first - it was narrow. Do you ever have that fantasy of products in your make up bag needing literally no skill to apply, doing exactly what they say they're going to do, and doing a beautiful job of it too? That's boy brow. I could apply this blindfolded, I'm pretty sure. On a day to day, this makes my brows look groomed in about 40 seconds. It is a great colour match for my eyebrows, and makes me look a little more pulled together in the mornings. A new staple in my routine. Pick it up.

Haloscope: This just nudges out Cloud Paint because it actually makes my cheekbones look like they have been kissed by small baby angels. Make no mistake - this is an ethereal, glowy highlight, and because of the balm centre that runs down the middle of the product and the fact that it is a cream, it's a dewy, almost tacky (not unpleasantly so) finish on the skin. I chose the shade Quartz because it's a beautiful pinky, pearlescent highlight that draws light to the face in as natural a way a cream highlight can. It's effortless and chic and brings a lot of life to the complexion in a 'no brainer' way - just don't stripe it on direct from the tube, as it can gloop in places when applied this way.

Cloud Paint: Oh my. These are packaged like watercolour paints and almost apply like watercolour paints - the pigment is so strong out of the tube but blends very, very easily and naturally into the skin. The shades so far are beautiful - I have Dusk, but Beam and Puff are both on my radar. The colour almost sheers our and becomes transparent looking the more you move it around - and easy does it with the product itself. You need the tiniest bit, which is wonderful but simultaneously my biggest problem with Cloud Paint - sometimes the product comes out so fast from the tube that I end up having to waste a lot of it, which I hate, because it's magical. Go gently!

Generation G: I want to love this. It's a matte lipstick which 'gives the finish of a just blotted lipstick', which sounds right up my street. The shade range is gorgeous, the applicator is super easy. But I *think* where I've stumbled sometimes with this (I ordered the shade Jam) is I didn't order the Balm Dot Com. And I imagine if you layered it either under before application, wiped off and then applied Gen G,  or layered the Balm Dot Com on after you'd applied the lipstick, your lips would be a lot happier than mine are. Don't get me wrong - the pigment is incredible and lasts all day, but it's not something I'd recommend applying if you have quite dry lips. I am keen to try more shades though and just commit to taking better care of my lips on the regular!

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