If you concentrate hard enough, you can probably hear the sound of leaves and conkers falling.

Okay, perhaps not, but the UK is in PEAK autumn right now, and everything is burnished in reds and oranges, pumpkins and squashes are on parade everywhere you look, and yesterday I saw not one, not two, but THREE bats come to my window. It was probably all the same bat but you get the jist. IT'S GETTING REAL FALL UP IN HERE.

I have nothing but love for October - TV shows I've been missing start returning to our screens (anyone else counting down to Stranger Things?), Bon Iver starts becoming seasonally appropriate to play at all times, and experimenting with porridge is a worthwhile way to spend a weekend morning - life slows and it's totally accepted to slow down with it. England is in that blissful in-between stage of weather where you can emerge from your warm home in a jumper and jeans and boots - and that's just enough. It isn't freezing, the rain is mostly drizzle, and there's still enough light to feel like you're getting full days. All in all - I'm lovin' it. Here's what I'm most excited about...

SEE: Last month, trawling around YouTube aimlessly I accidentally stumbled upon the trailer for Breathe, Andy Serkis' directorial debut, looking all stylish and starring two of my favs, Claire Foy (woooop ex-LIPA girl!) and Andrew Garfield. It's a true story about Robin Cavendish, diagnosed with polio and given just months to live at the age of 28, and follows his life thereafter. It's described as 'uplifting' so I'm going to brave the fact that I'll probably emerge a bawling mess and give this one my vote this month! Also - Stranger Things is back October 27th. If you haven't seen it, where the hell have you been?

LISTEN: I've been a bit quiet on the new music front over September, nothing has really caught my eye apart from Maggie Rogers' Split Stones. I don't know how this girl does it, but her voice is just other-worldly. Also after watching Five Foot Two I discovered Joanne properly - what an incredible album and song. I am so obsessed with Lady Gaga after that documovie, I swear.

GO: This month I'd like to plan a trip to Stroud - it seems insane to me that we live right next to the Cotswolds and we haven't visited so much of it. I'm thinking a pub lunch, a long walk and a nosey to some shops sounds ideal, perhaps if we've walked long enough we can justify taking home something a bit scrummy from a deli or bakery. Have I mentioned how much I love this time of year?

EAT: Last month when we went to Rome, I had the best sandwich I have ever had in my life at a place called Beer and Salt. It was pear, gorgonzola, blue cheese and speck, and I have no idea if I'll be able to ever recreate it with ingredients from this country but OH MY GOD that flavour combination is incredible.

DRINK: I also can't talk about our trip to Italy without mentioning the wine - goodness me, the wine. I've figured out that my red wine of choice is a chianti and I also need to move to Italy and give up on this cruel world of English alcohol. In lieu of having Tuscan reds every day, I've also been enjoying this dark chocolate chilli chai tea but I mean it's not alcohol is it. No.

WEAR: Two seconds away from treating myself to this biker jacket and feeling 0 regrets about it, to be honest. Every girl deserves to have some wearable leather she loves, right?

READ: Not gonna lie this is high up the list. I'm sure I'm going to find it absolutely devastating and heartbreaking but I read this interview and it sold me.

THINK: September was a VERY stressful month for me, unexpectedly. We had quite a turbulent flight back from Rome and I think that just triggered a chain of anxiety which didn't let up until late last week, really. I'm trying to self-medicate with exercise, yoga and plenty of sleep, so this month's mantra will be everything is as it is meant to be. Time to get back into more meditation, more peacefulness, more inviting happiness. I hope you have a great month ahead!

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