If there's one thing I love more than a relax in a hot bath on a Sunday evening, it's a relax in a Lush bath bomb-filled hot bath on a Sunday evening. Yes, you may well say that paying an average of £5 per bath in order to sit in essential oil-filled heaven is slightly extravagant but yknow what? I work hard, self care is important, and I am ready and willing to TREAT MASELF. Here's what I stocked up on most recently...

Now, LUSH Oxford was a little bit under-stocked on the ol' Halloween offerings, but I sense that is because there is a super swish new LUSH opening in the new Westgate centre later this month (expect more to come on this!). Still, the staff were as lovely as ever and I stocked up on a couple of new to me bits and a couple of solid faves to see me through until then.

Pumpkin, £4.25: How could I say no to this cute lil fella? The main scents in this bath bomb are vanilla absolute, sweet cinnamon and citrus, so this literally smells like delicious baking. Pimento berry oil gives you antioxidant properties in your long soak, and the sweetness evoked by the vanilla makes this a comforting, delicious scent.

Monster's Ball, £4.50: If anyone wants to know what a unicorn bubble bath would look like, pick up this bath bomb. It's a gorgeous gooey mess of pink, purple and sparkle, scented with lime and neroli, so a real uplifting scent. Olibanum oil and Himalayan rock salt I'm sure will do wonderful things for your skin texture and purely superficially, is this not just one of the coolest looking bath bombs ever?

Cheer Up Buttercup, £2.95: A classic for a reason, I picked this up because September was a really unnecessarily stressful month and I wanted something I could count on to help my skin and my state of mind. I love the lemon, lime and neroli for uplifting my mood, and the cocoa butter in the bath bomb really soothes any irritated skin I have on my arms and legs. A really good one for the current transitional season we're in - not quite rich enough for winter, but definitely more soothing than an entirely citrus-y and oil-based bath.

Snow Fairy, £4.95: The most expensive of the bunch, and one from the Christmas range (I know it's too early but I couldn't resist) - this bomb was new to me, and is actually a jelly bomb, which is a consistency I haven't tried before. I've actually used this before writing the post, so let me give you guys a little review - the jelly texture is completely weird, but actually a little bit genius for moisturising and water-softening properties. If you live in an area with particularly hard water, look into jelly bombs for a much more kind bath to sensitive skins. As for the scent, it is perfectly candyfloss-y and Snow Fairy-ish, but the amount of 'ates' in the ingredients list for this product makes me worry. I trust LUSH as a company and their ethical practices completely though, and my skin hasn't reacted badly at all to this, but something to be aware of if you have concerns around reactions to certain ingredients.

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