It's party season which means one thing to me - time for a bold lip.

My make up skills might be shoddy at best and I'm far from adept when it comes to blending out a beautiful smoky eye, but my 'failsafe' of sorts is a statement lip and a catflick - a no brainer dressed up or dressed down look.

As we approach Christmas party time and knitwear becomes a staple in our everyday wardrobes here in the UK, I thought I'd take you through the lippies I pull time and time again during this season. They vary in terms of complexity of application, but I'll take you through entry level to time consuming, and recommend the best ways I've found to wear them.

Tom Ford Lips and Boys 'Drake' I should note that in principal, Tom Ford is taking the piss with these lipsticks. They are absolutely tiny (although great for travel), cost a bomb (for what they are) and are totally gimmicky, but raise your hand if you rushed to the House of Fraser website to nab one - yep, it's this guy. I just couldn't resist the idea of owning a little bit of Drake's sadness for my very own. The usual stuff applies - beautiful packaging, love the stylish 'TF' emboss on the bullet (yes, I do apply it backwards to stop the TF smudging) - but the colour here for me is the real star of the show. It's a flatteringly sheer purple stain which a really attractive, plumping shimmer running through it. Of all the shades here today, this pulls the most blue-toned and pink, but on the lips gives you an almost popsicle stain finish and a gorgeous glossy fullness. This is a really simple party shade which you can cack-handedly reapply drunk without the worry of your lips looking like flaky runny disasters or getting any on your teeth. Lavly.

Revlon Lip Butter 'Red Velvet' Aaah Revlon Lip Butters, I will never get over your formula. So creamy, so richly pigmented, and so comfortable on the lips. This again is a creme finish so far from matte, but that makes it an apply-and-go, same as the Tom Ford. This is a warm, brown-toned red which would look great with a sparkly rusty/gold eye look a la Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita palette or Naked Heat. This lippie doesn't dry down so very easy to reapply and be wary when eating/drinking, because it will move. But a gorgeous, flattering shade - very on trend for the 70s burgundy-mustard colour palette we're seeing everywhere right now.

Rimmel Kate Moss '107' This shade is almost urban legend when it comes to a berry lip. It's the perfect purple-toned red - deep, matte and a relatively workable formula, this sets down to a pretty unmoveable stain, although it will dry your lips slightly, so a balm and proper treatment before use is recommended. I personally don't need a lip pencil with this one but some might if you don't have a very defined cupid's bow - it doesn't bleed necessarily, but the very pigmented formula is one that can look a little 'unfinished' if it doesn't reach the corners of the mouth. A word of warning - when you inevitably need to reapply this one, just check your lips for any signs of cracking. I'd always pack a lip balm when I'm wearing this colour, just in case.

Charlotte Tilbury 'Glastonberry' The grown-up sister of '107', Glastonberry hits that perfect spot of a dark berry - purple, but not so cold that you look washed out or dead, not so warm that your teeth look weird. The formula of this is dreamy and actually a little creamier and more moveable than the '107', but the reason it moves a notch up the difficulty scale is because I feel, to give this lipstick the 'wow' factor, you do actually need to line lips before use. The shape of the bullet is such that, whilst making it very easy to apply to the fuller parts of your lips, you can't really fake a lip line the way you might with a pointier bullet. Pair it with MAC Nightmoth or Charlotte Tilbury Bad Romance for in-your-face glamour.

NARS Audacious 'Ingrid' Oh man. My most favourite statement lip ever - but one that you need some serious balls to the wall attitude for. The Audacious formula is unlike any I've ever tried before - creamy and fully pigmented (like, insanely fully pigmented), but unmovable. Described as a 'merlot', this is a seriously deep burgundy - on me, it always pulls more purple, but on others it looks quite red. It's a warm tone, which means you need to go easy if you're worried about teeth colour and staining (ironically not one to drink red wine with) but this is an all-night shade that gives so much in terms of lasting power and impact. Very creamy, very buildable, go lightly with this and build in layers to achieve your perfect look. Liner or no liner is up to you (I wear it without as I don't like to look to 'done'), but strap in for this very bold shade - it won't be for everyone!

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