I'm not even making an attempt at apology - I'm starting to make plans and get ready for that most wonderful time of the year. Sprucing up my house ready for the festive season is one of life's little pleasures that I've really enjoyed indulging in as I've gotten older and started enjoying trips to garden centres. J and I are oddly house-proud of our tiny nest here in Oxford, and we love hosting people around here for Christmas, mulling wine and cider on the hob and making the whole place warm and cozy, mincepies and Camembert being shared around like they're going out of style. Is there anything better than Christmastime?

Suffice it to say I've had a bit of a virtual dig around in these parts, and have put a few of my favourite bits and pieces to bring the season indoors together for you today. Enjoy!

Clockwise from top left: 'T' Reindeer mug by Emma Bridgewater; Christmas throw from H&M Home; Santa & Rudolph crackers by Meri Meri; Seasonal Candle Trio from Diptyque; Anatomy of a Christmas Tree from Trouva Home; 'Bake Someone Happy' apron from H&M Home; Leaf and fern wreath from Zara Home; Pinecone bauble from John Lewis; The Christmas Chronicles by Nigel Slater; Constellation garland from West Elm; Christmas mug, bowl and tray from Zara Home; Joy! cushion from H&M Home.

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