Colder climes, happily, mean more great excuses to stay indoors and read.

It's no secret I'm a homebody, and I've been getting back into my full swing obsession with reading. Our work book club is in full force again and I'm FINALLY starting to make my way through my backlog of 'must reads' - a bit of a hangover from the summer. So, there's plenty to talk about in this post! Here are some thoughts on what I've been reading -

Friend Request by Laura Marshall

Laura was new to me, as was this title - this was actually a pick from our work book club. It was absolutely a page-turner and a really easy read (I got through it in a day and a half whilst still spending time with family), but for me this was just a little TOO close to the structure and narrative style of Gone Girl. Thrillers aren't really my preferred genre hence the lower score, but I am really glad I got the chance to read it, as I would never normally have picked it up. It's definitely simplistic writing that helps keep the pace motoring forward, and is complete with a double twist, which is always fun.

Little Black Book by Otegha Uwagba

This book is so great, and I'm already buying it for every woman in my life that needs a present. Smart, savvy and succinct career advice from women who have done it and are still doing it, smashing boundaries in their industries. I can feel a little outnumbered in my current situation at work as a woman, and Otegha's words were exactly what I needed to help navigate me through some tricky discussions when it came to my self worth and how I want to be recognised in work. I recommend it to every woman, whether in a corporate kind of career or running your own business - invaluable practical advice and inspiring words. I'm keeping this one to annotate and highlight for sure!

How To Be Both by Ali Smith

A perfect score for Ali Smith because I'm not convinced I can actually critique her work. The way that she uses language to construct pieces of art through storytelling blows my mind the more of her work I explore. Her work is at once lyrical and irreverent, heightened and atmospheric and immensely real. I feel as though I know her characters, not through lines and lines of expositional descriptive work, but just for how familiar they feel. Reading her work feels like pulling on your favourite jumper, or wearing a shirt that smells of a loved one. It's familiar and comforting and warm, but also beautiful and breathtaking. How To Be Both is one of, if not, her absolute best. Split into two stories that are tightly interwoven, each copy of the book tells the story in a different order - mine, for reference, was narrative story first and abstract section second. It made me laugh out loud, it made me cry - it was so ambitious but then so simple and delicate. Instantly one of my favourite reads ever.

Winter by Ali Smith

ARTFUL by Ali Smith


THE LUMINARIES by Eleanor Catton

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