Confession: I might have spent most of my break slathering myself in expensive skincare, and I give 0 shits.

I've discovered quite a few new (to me) gems over the past couple of months, and my skin has gone from looking quite dull, pallid and tired to plump, hydrated and glowy. I can't give you more reason than that to read on and see if any of the below tickle your fancy.

CLEANSER: Aaah, Glossier Milky Jelly, you are a one. Currently on my second bottle of this stuff and the obsession shows no signs of waning. It's so simple and fuss-free, takes off make up easily, leaves my skin feeling juicy and hydrated and is inoffensive in every way. Whilst I think in general my skin gets more from the Oskia Renaissance, this kicks its butt at half the price and any extra skincare benefits I want I can get from my other products in the line up. So, I'm sorry Oskia, you've been dethroned.

MOISTURISER: Here, I've been a bit of a floozy. My ride-or-die has become the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream which does for the skin what Fairy Godmothers do for shoes. And so it should, at £70  a pot. This brings a plumping, luminescent yet matte finish to the skin which makes you look hydrated and awake - I hesitate to use the word glowing, but I did find myself looking in the mirror and thinking damn lady, you got the GLOW. However, because of said price tag and my mother's instilled frugal nature nagging at the back of my mind, I've been interspersing that cream with Glossier's Priming Moisturiser.

Here's the skinny on this one - if you have dry and/or sensitive skin, avoid. If you have skin which doesn't like retinols, avoid. This is a Vitamin A based retinol so not chemical, but it's still fairly strong - I did notice some peeling after my first few uses. Now that I know how to get along with it though, we're all good. I follow this up with a hydrating primer or a very dewy finish foundation and my make up sits perfectly for the rest of the day. It gives a lovely smooth base to work from and is pretty perfecting, however I can see that it could cause redness for some (I get it a little). If you do choose to use this moisturiser - REMEMBER TO WEAR A SUNSCREEN. Creams with retinols or any kind of exfoliant mean that you need to be extra vigilant about sun protection.

EYE CREAM: Nothing new to the rotation in terms of my night eye cream - Kiehls Avocado Eye Treatment is my be-all-and-end-all and always will be, but during the day I've been enjoying the cooling pep of the Boots Botanics All Bright* roll on. It's cooling, soothing and works in a jiffy to give a little brightness to tired eyes.

TREATMENT: This has, without a doubt, been one of the most profound skincare discoveries for me since I started writing this blog. The Sarah Chapman Overnight Facial serum literally changed my skin overnight. I woke up to ideal skin - smooth, plumped, hydrated and glowing, and baby soft to the touch. The texture is super slippy and it smells pleasant, a little spa-like, but nothing out of the ordinary. I work this in by first pressing it into my palms then lightly pressing it into my face before massaging. I could not BELIEVE the difference this made.

I also used it on a long haul flight and walked off the plane with the best skin I've ever had post-flight - and this is coming from someone who usually goes grey on planes! This product has been a revelation for me and I can't wait to restock the full size - something I will never be without in future.

LIP BALM: Another total game-changer. Balm dot com is cult for good reason - this stuff is goooood y'all. It's a little like the Kiehls balm in terms of how it comes out of the tube, but once smoothed over the lips the formula is incomparable - it's both intensely smoothing and hydrating but matte in finish, so you don't have any of that annoying glossy lip balm sitch after application. It also lingers on the lips for so long - I've pressed my lips together maybe two hours after initially applying and still been able to feel it! Coconut is my favourite thus far but I can't wait to try more of the scents - Birthday Cake is next on my list! Hero product, for sure.

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