One month.

I took a break from creating for one whole month. December 22nd to January 22nd. And here we are, here we meet, in a new year, quite the same as we ever were.

My blog and I. This tiny little place on the internet where I write and try to make beautiful things, sometimes just try to make sense. I feel - and wait for the irony - tremendous guilt at abandoning it, this little place I've created. Because well, if I don't love it, who the hell else will? No one else is going to tend to it in my absence, no one else is going to spend their weekends balancing on things to take photographs or looking menacingly at another grey, wintery sky that blots out all the good natural light. No one else is going to sit tapping their thumbs and fingernails against the glass of their iPhone looking at Instagram numbers ticking up and down, no one else is going to get upset when YouTube fuck their small creatives over once again. It's exhausting, all of this pruning and planting we do.

By we, I don't just mean bloggers. I mean people who are creative, people who work, people who study - those of us who start off a new year in the hope that what we sow now we'll reap in the later months. January feels like the intake of breath before curtain up, the orchestra tuning their strings. Expectation, hope, anticipation. The pressure for the desire for change. I don't know exactly what will come of this year, but I am making it my sole task in these odd days of returning to work and life after a bit of a sabbatical, to enjoy the prelude. So this post comes to you a little late, but with the sincere wish that you're all feeling as I am - excited for what's next. 2018 is going to be a hell of a year, I can feel it.

SEE: There's such an incredible crop of Oscar movies at the moment that I almost don't know where to start - except that I 100% do. I've been looking forward to seeing Lady Bird since I read this interview with Greta Gerwig, who is something of a personal hero of mine. I just know that she'll create something brave and tender and true, and I can't wait to see it!

LISTEN: There has been so much good music to kick the year off! I'm probably most excited about Filthy by JT because I absolutely hated it on first listen and now love it, a la Sexyback. Equally, Finesse is just wonderful in a much more 'if you don't love this I don't know how to make you happy' way. My gorgeous Sylvan Esso have also provided a happy, boppy start to 2018 for us all.

GO: It'd be silly if I didn't have a Dubai 'to go' after being out there for the beginning of this month and enjoying our time there as much as we did. One of our favourite days was spent at La Mer, a new hang in the vibe of The Walk, but quieter because not everyone has jumped on this bandwagon yet. Get there fast before everyone finds out about it! I also had an incredible day wandering around The Courtyard and the galleries around Al Quoz - next time we go back, I'm stopping off at Mirzam Chocolatiers for sure!

EAT: I have been on a hell of a cookie vibe and it ain't cute, but to get my semi-sweet tooth satisfied and grant myself a little indulgence, these Biccie Boms by Livia's Kitchen look immense - and they're stocked at Boots now! So handy!

DRINK: Confession time - I raided the Bluebird Tea Co sale, didn't I. I've been going pretty hard on their seasonal delights like 'Christmas Cake tea' and 'Mulled Cider tea', but in general, anything they do is pretty tops. I also tried my first matcha latte this month, which was a straight no, unless you like drinking dirt.

WEAR: Pretty exclusively lusting after this extortionately priced Whistles jumper at the mo'. Grazia 20% off code, where you at?

READ: I have so many recommendations from my Christmas break book blitz that saw me ploughing through about 5 novels cover to cover, but rather than spoiler that upcoming post for you, I'm looking at making Little Fires Everywhere my next read.

THINK: I'll also be writing an upcoming post about my intention word for the year, but until then, this month's word has been warmth. Not just because the year started in the sun, surrounded by loved ones and good vibes, but also because of the warmth created through doing things you love. More on that soon.

I hope January is being good to you all so far, and I'll be back soon with new content for all y'all. Thanks for bearing with!

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