At the top of this month and therefore, by default, at the top of this year, I set an intention word for the next 12 months, as I have done for the past three years. They have given me, to varying degrees of success, a kinder focus towards 'new year new me' bullshit in the sense that rather than having a pass/fail 'resolution' of sorts, setting an intention with a word has meant I can keep coming back and checking in with that word, see how I'm doing, ground myself and try again if I've veered way off course.

In much the same way though, I think the word should be flexible too. Last year's word, 'abundance', as it turned out was a pretty strong one. It manifested in ways I wasn't expecting so that with a lot of change, there came a lot of turbulence and a lot of unexpected and unwanted stuff to deal with. In a year during which I realised a lot of career goals and measured my progress with tangible 'markers', there was also a lot of abundance in other areas of my life that weren't healthy. My physical wellbeing, my attitude to eating and drinking. My family and issues that for too long had been set to one side and left to grow. The wishing for my parents to come home, and learning that unless it is on their terms, wishing for something that others aren't ready for is helpful to no one.

All this to say, there were plenty of lessons to be learned from abundance. And so, when I considered what I wanted this year - my 30th year - to bring to my life, I initially thought 'growth'. This year is going to be the year I learn to drive, it's a year in which I'm revisiting a few personal passions of mine (little clue in the picture above!), and a year in which I want to grow and branch out in my skill set. However, true to form, I was missing a piece of the puzzle.

I left 2017 in the worst physical shape I've been in for quite some time. I was burnt out, run down, I had given myself a stomach ulcer through stress and exhaustion and here I was looking to do more! Grow more! Get places faster!

And so, I took a step back. I asked myself what was really missing.

'Nourish'. Nourishing my mind, my body and my soul is what I really want to learn to do this year. I want to add to my life by rediscovering things that matter deeply to me. I want to take care of my physical health, and only put into my body what I would really want to fuel me. I want to put work into those relationships where my partner is willing to do just as much for me. And the flip side to this word is this - I want to let go of anything that isn't nourishing me. Anything that isn't serving me becoming the best version of myself doesn't have a place in my life. Some things take time to learn, but I think I've always known this one - maybe 30 is just how many years it takes me to have the confidence to practice what I preach to others. No more bullshit in 2018!

I really hope you've found an intention of your own and you're having a great start to your year so far, but if you'd like a little help getting focused (or re-focused), I found this website really helpful. I hope it gives you lots of interesting stuff to think about, as it did me!

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