I don't know about you, but it's usually around this time of year that I hit a little wall.

A funk, bad juju, whatever you want to call it - February is that period where new year energy has subsided a little, winter is still around and no matter how many bluebells or daffodils you count? All concrete evidence of warm weather's return is lacking in stability. Lighter days and lighter evenings in one breath are met with heavy downpours and bleak snowy skies the next. The slog gets sloggier. And your goals, made with so much enthusiasm a mere month or so ago, seem distant again. Maybe you've fallen off track, or maybe you are somewhere in the middle of an uphill battle, wondering whether to turn back or keep on truckin'.

Well - we've all been there, friend. In fact, last week I did take a little walk back downhill - moving house had taken a toll on everything I was focused on, and for last week I just thought 'screw it'. But now that the place is slowly starting to take shape, and some of the more stressful jobs have been completed (hello, fifty thousand address change requests), I'm excited to give myself a little kick back into step. Here's how I go about it:

Whenever I'm feeling sluggish or unmotivated I only ever need to look as far as my last meal to understand the source of that emotion. If I've been eating a lot of complex carb or sugar-heavy meals, processed foods, snacking at will - chances are, I'm not going to be feeling tip top. Ditto my water intake - whenever I feel the '3pm slump' it's almost always because I haven't been drinking enough during the day.

So I start with a meal plan. I make sure I'm cooking all of my meals from scratch, and keeping everything as plant-based as possible - lots of green veggies, lots of good carbs and fats. I cut my meat intake down and stick to white meat only, to reduce the amount that my digestive system has to process. For me, specifically, any high acid or rich foods are a no-go, and I can't process caffeine that well, so I try and make sure I'm sticking to water whenever I can. I still make an effort to make my meals delicious, interesting and inspiring to me, and include some easier-to-digest treats - some favourites lately have been the chocolate Biccie Boms from Livia's Kitchen. SO delish, especially straight from the fridge, and they don't send me on a crazy sugar high and comedown like a lot of sweet treats do.

This might be a little specific to me, as I am someone who suffers from anxiety and yoga does for me what I think diazepam does for others. It quiets my mind, helps me to get in touch with my body and what is going on with me physically, and sets me up for being my most productive self. It makes me happy! So I guess my advice here is: find the movement that makes you most happy, whatever it is. I love following Yoga With Adriene's calendars - for all of February she has been doing a 'Self Love' series, which has been awesome. But your movement medicine could come in the form of dancing around your room for half an hour, cleaning your house, walking your dog (I envy you people). As long as it sends some fresh blood moving around your body, it's a win.

This is going to sound a little 'work' mindset, but whenever I set personal goals, they always seem to be really conceptual - like 'generate my own income'. Sure, that's a goal, but it doesn't start there. Something that might begin that goal is: 'set up a portfolio website' or 'update my LinkedIn to reflect that I'm looking for freelance work'. When you break your goals down to the tiniest actions and tactics that support them, that's when you start making incremental steps towards what you want. When you're feeling a little lost, go back to what you were last working on and make the target even smaller. Revisit, reflect, refine - and then run towards it.

Move your furniture around. This might sound a bit bananas, but as someone who has just moved everything around - trust. There's a certain kind of alchemy in tricking yourself into believing everything has changed. You might just start to notice changes in yourself, too. It sounds a bit ~woo~ but simply by giving myself a dedicated office space in a room with a lot of light, I'm excited to blog and write personal projects again. It all helps, and it costs nothing to give this one a try!

If you're anything like me, you won't want to share what you're working on. We humans have a tendency to not want to own anything or ask for input until we reach 'done', or some incarnation of it that we feel OK to stand behind. One thing I'm trying to get a lot better at is letting people in my life help me, when they're willing and able to. Everyone has their strengths, and if you have an amazing pal who is wonderful at prioritising things and creating action plans, and you have a tendency to stay in your head and never start the brilliant ideas you come up with? Why not ask them to lend a hand!

Playing to your own strengths and recognising your weaknesses is one of the most important things you can learn how to do - I'd also suggest learning fast how to swallow your pride and get over yourself. All you can do is ask for help or input, and if people have no capacity to help you on your projects and goals? They'll say so. But if they do? Think how much brain power and time you've just freed up for yourself! One important caveat with this one though - always remember to say thank you, and duly pay tribute to said friend/family member/acquaintance's awesomeness. A trip out for dinner or a good bottle of something will usually do the trick!

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