Guys! January is over! Text yo frenz!

I swear to God I've seen about 55000 'January is long memes' over the past week or so and whilst yes, I relate, I wouldn't go speeding off into the sunset with your early months of 2018 just yet. This is precious planning time my friends, useful downtime to lay foundations for stuff you want to happen later in the year. I know it's cold and dark most of the day for a lot of us, but I also know how quickly it becomes May, June and July, and we're left wondering where half the year went. Treasure your time!

Having said that, it has been pretty much non-stop for me since we arrived back in the UK. I've taken up a passion project of getting back into acting and singing, I've been trying to keep to a more regular content schedule on the blog and today I'm taking my first driving lesson (!!) - there's a lot of juggling going on. Still, keeping busy has its perks - I've (almost) been too busy for the holiday blues and having such a full schedule does mean I have a deep newfound appreciation for nights with no plans. I'm really enjoying the pace at the moment - let's see how I'm doing in the next instalment of this post...

Here are the fun things I recommend you do with your time this month, to make the most of the cosy weather and give you plenty to look forward to!

SEE: I'm very excited that 'Cat On A Hot Tin Roof' is being broadcast by National Theatre Live this month because I'mma need to see Sienna Miller and Jack O'Connell's crazy sexual tension everyone is talking about. I am also booking my ticket now to see I, Tonya because YES FIGURESKATING and also is there anyone more babely than Margot Robbie?

LISTEN: It's an oldie but a goodie - this performance at the Grammy's from Gambino absolutely blew me away. Enjoy the eargasm. I've got a podcasts post coming up later this month, so keep an eye (and ear!) out for those picks too.

GO: Here it is - I am SO desperate to go to Margate. Since Liv's post a few years ago I've had a craving, and judging by the Instability of the place it has only gotten infinitely cooler. I quite fancy some sea air and a little staycation!

EAT: I don't even know if I want to make this public knowledge, but a little snooping has led me to discover that Halo Top is finally available in the UK. I am SO excited by this brand and so excited that I can now get my greedy paws on it - the dilemma remains: which flavour to try first?

DRINK: Strongly suggest following in my girl Jaye's footsteps and picking up a Starbucks White Mocha while the weather still allows for such extravagantly sugary drinks - is there anything better than cosying up with a hot mug of something when it's bleak outside?

WEAR: OK Universe, here it is - I'm putting this out into the world and seeing what manifests - this jumper from Sezane gives me serious feelings. I haven't stopped thinking about this brand since their pop-up in London and I doubt I ever will, so I'll just continue sighing wistfully at their website for all time.

READ: There are exactly £8-worth of precious Waterstones money left on my gift card I received for Christmas, and I think that means I can get myself The Working Woman's Handbook and not feel TOO guilty about the cost.

THINK: Buzzing. I am properly buzzing off lots of positive energy, creating space in my life for good things that fulfil me and surrounding myself with uplifting people. I hope I can keep tapping into that feeling in a sustainable way, and learn how to balance between going at a fast pace and being burnt out! 


  1. You need to try the cookie dough Halo top, it's an absolute dream!

    1. Ordered it with the shop this week girllllll 😘thanks for the recc! T xx

  2. Your February sounds A+ my friend, can I come?!



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