I thought I'd kick us off this week with two mini reviews of a couple new (to me) products I've been trialling.

Aside from both being branded and marketed to perfection in pretty shades of millennial pink, these were both products that came highly recommended, and I just so happened to be in the market for a new mascara and dry shampoo, so really, I couldn't not get them, could I?

IGK Jet Lag Dry Shampoo, £23: Let's start here - £23 is a ludicrous amount to pay for a dry shampoo. I don't care how cult your brand is or how many beautiful young bloggers you whisk of to Miami, it's too much for a dry shampoo. I had a £5 Ncentive at Space NK which brought this down to a marginally more palatable £18, but still. I can pick up a CoLab dry shampoo for less than a tenner, and those babies work just fine. So I needed to be wow'd by this.

Giving IGK their dues, the bottle is massive. Seriously big. It comes in at 260g which means I don't think I'll be needing another new dry shampoo for many, many months. The scent of this is also a huge plus - more sophisticated than the common overly saccharine scents of high street brands, this is light and almost effervescent - it reminds me of the smell and taste of Refreshers. But would the formulation live up to the pretty branding and hype?

I hate to say it because I know it's a lot of money, but so far? I am so impressed by this. This does for my hair not only what a really great dry shampoo would, but also what my beloved Oribe Dry Texturising Spray did for it. This instantly put the price in perspective for me - the travel size of the Oribe is £20 - a price tag that prevents me from repurchasing it. But the IGK spray performed just as well - not only did it absorb excess oil in my hair and leave no white residue at all (halleluuuuu for us dark-haired ladies!), it also lifted my hair and gave it volume where I applied it at the roots, and a nice amount of grit and texture which freshened up my third day hair and made it look tousled and effortless. Further testing required for this one, but the signs are good. IGK, you have my attention.

Maybelline Total Temptation mascara, £8.99: In general when one of your best friends says you NEED a mascara in your life, you listen. When it's Jaye, you pop it into your basket and checkout without a second's thought. And I have to say, my girl hasn't let me down. Total Temptation is so-called, seemingly, because of the thick, voluminous bedroom eyes it gives you upon application. This is a heavy formula and make no mistake about it, so short-lashed girls and fans of separation and length will not get along with this one, I fear. The wand is quite prone to clumping, you will have to take a lot off of it before you apply, but you'll get the hang of how to go in with this after first use - I think this is down to the formula which is enriched with coconut oil for conditioned and nourished lashes. It is a very creamy, thick formula which gives you gorgeous sultry lashes and a very blacker-than-black, intense eye look. This really opens up and wakes up my eyes on its own for everyday, but when I get to use it with a shimmery or smoky eye for evening is when it really comes into its own. 

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  1. I know the whole point of taking all those bloggers/YTers to Miami was to get people to buy IGK products, but I have to say this is the first time that kind of promo has actually had such a direct effect on me because it actually made me really want to try out the brand! I think Lily mentioned in her favourites really recently that the IGK spray bottles are really big, which you’ve just said as well. I typically stick to Batiste and Colab for dry shampoo because you can often get it on special, but if it’s a huge bottle and takes you a while to get through and it’s an amazing product, I might consider buying it? It’s still super expensive for a dry shampoo, so I’d probably try a mini first, but it’s good to know that you love it. So far I’ve only picked up a mini of the Rich Kid air-drying product but I really like it and now I’m super curious about the whole brand! Lucky they seem to minis of just about everything!



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