The cold snap that has stuck around since late January isn't showing any signs of letting up, much to the detriment of my face.

Winter skincare is always a difficult balance to strike - slather your face in too many oils and balms and you'll end up on the greasy side of glowing, but dehydrated and red raw, chapped skin and lips are a far cry from healthy rosy cheeks. I always make sure to step up my game when we reach these colder months, but couple colder weather with even the tiniest hint of stressed skin, tired skin, or dehydration, and you have a recipe for all kinds of face-related woes.

Flashback to last week, in the middle of my move, when I looked in the mirror and saw pallid, parched, dry and flakey red patches, coupled with puffy eyes (dust allergy) and chapped lips. Doing it for ya? I was a mess. So I went in with the big guns.

After a good cleanse, I used Glossier's Solution as a one-off spot treatment to address the lacklustre dullness of my skin, avoiding the dry and flakey patches (seriously, this stuff is strong - stay away if your skin is generally dry). This is a tricky product, because I simultaneously want to give it a good and bad review. Solution is a very very strong double acid that I have found works for me as a one off when I want tight, plump, glowing skin, and my complexion is looking a bit tired and worse for wear. I very lightly swipe this all over my T zone and follow immediately with a hydrating treatment to give my skin a good drink, and it seems to like it! I'm met with very juicy looking, bright, refreshed, soft skin. I would imagine this would be great for anyone suffering with acne but other than that, I would avoid it if you don't have any serious skin concerns. The one time I did catch a dry patch with this it burned like a mother.

I've really been enjoying Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream as a regular winter moisturiser. It's rich, it feels nourishing and like an actual meal for your skin, but then sinks in beautifully and leaves an actual glow - it's almost pearlescent in its finish. It doesn't look fake or like make up, just extremely healthy. Dry skin babes this is one for you - a real treat for thirsty or flaky skin.

When I'm done slathering my skin with moisturiser, I've been reaching for my Coconut Balm dot Com from Glossier, a total staple to me now. This is in texture much like the Lucas Paw Paw balm, only a little less tacky and sticky, and not quite as thick. It does, however, linger on the lips for a long time after use and treats the lips very kindly - even at their most chapped and sore, my lips have been saved by this balm again and again. I'm almost halfway done with my tube and I'm already freaking out about restocking!

In much the same way, nourishing dry and chapped hands this winter has been a real concern for me - particularly moving a lot of cardboard boxes from place to place and reassembling and dismantling flat pack furniture - your hands take a toll! The Grown Alchemist intensive hand cream in Persian Rose and Argan Extract has been with me for some two years now (thanks, Tenneil!) and I still absolutely love it. It's rich, feels amazing on the skin, but isn't sticky and sinks in nice and quickly, so you don't have to sit like a mannequin for ages while it dries down! This again is so healing on my hands and no matter the severity, after one or two treatments I notice my skin recovering.

A little secret weapon has been this Egg Cream Mask from Too Cool For School, a Korean skincare brand recommended to me by my friend Nicole. I stocked up at Sephora in Dubai and I'm so glad I did - this coconut water and egg yolk-based mask promises to brighten and nourish after one use - and it delivers! I don't know what kind of mythical science they have going on within Korean skincare but thank goodness for that alchemy - this is a skin saviour and helped to return my skin to plump, juicy-looking goodness after a sleep-deprived and stressful moving weekend. Win!

What are your must-haves for stressed out skin?


  1. Glad to hear your honest thoughts about Solution! I haven’t tried it yet but I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews, and a lot of people have said that it’s really drying, so I suppose using it every other day, or a few times a week rather than daily like they suggest would probably be best for most people.

    Hope the move is going smoothly! It’s always such an exhausting, stressful time moving house and it takes weeks to get the whole process over and done with and get like 90% unpacked, but hopefully you’re almost there now!

    1. Aw thank you Jess! Yeah it has been a bit of a whirlwind, but we're coming to the end of it now :) There's a light at the end of the cardboard boxes! Solution is a tricky one, but I think there's always going to be products that don't suit in a complete offer of skincare - we don't all have the same skin types and so of course they won't all behave the same way. But taking a practical stance - it IS useable, you just have to figure out how best to work with it for your skin type. T xx

  2. Oooh the Grown Alchemist hand cream has been on my list for years, nice to hear that it sinks into the skin nicely. I've been using the Fresh deep hydration rose toner and it's been so nice in leaving my skin hydrated and plump. Honestly Sunday Riley's Luna Oil was my go-to any time my skin was feeling stressed. It definitely helped with redness and left my overall complexion looking nice and smooth.

    Cindy |

    1. Oh MAN Cindy it is so nice. I've been wanting to use that toner! Onto the list it goes... And I miss my Luna oil so much, but can't quite work up the courage (read: funds) to repurchase! T xx

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