Everything changed in February.

Well, not everything; but I moved, I started learning how to drive, the days and nights started getting lighter, we took a window out of an apartment building to make our furniture fit (!!), I auditioned for a lead role in a musical, I lost out on a lead role in a musical, I went to see Bon Iver for a second time and realised in a moment that all pleasure is too fleeting to enjoy without sadness, my best friend turned 30, my boyfriend got a desk - a lot has been happening in my tiny world.

And in the bigger world, everything changed in February. Through horrific circumstances which could have, should have, been avoided; Emma Gonzalez's voice became the heroic battlecry of a generation. Stormzy threw all fucks to the wind and called out Theresa May and the Daily Mail onstage and on live TV. The Beast from the East came to knock down our doors. Evil bred in the most unsuspected of places. For such a short month, February packed a hell of a punch.

I arrive at March inspired. I feel restless with wanting to make things - do something with my hands, write something, fold away another corner of our new home until it fits us like our old one did. I'm trying to slot our life into this new phase like a jigsaw, working out where the rough edges aren't sitting together right. But then I find when I dig a little deeper into resistance, there's nothing to be that worried about. Things are flowing at the moment - sometimes faster than I can cope with and sometimes differently than I imagined, but flow is present. Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is slow down to notice the ride you're on.

If you find yourself ready for spring, here's all the happy things we can do this month to welcome it home;

SEE: I watched (and loved) The Book of Life this month and would 100% recommend. It looks suspiciously similar to Coco which came out after it, but no tea no shade - this is just a beautiful film which will give you all the feelings. Talking of the T, henny - I hope you're all watching RPDR All Stars Season 3 - who are you betting to win this season? SHE DONE ALREADY DONE HAAAAD HERSES.

LISTEN: Frank Ocean blessed us with Moon River on Valentine's Day this year, then Janelle Monae blessed us with Django Jane and Make Me Feel (!!), but I'd be lying if I didn't say that Bon Iver has been on my mind non-stop since seeing them this Sunday. One of my favourite songs is 715 CREEKS and this version was the one we saw. You can hear how silent and focused the crowd is - the atmosphere was so electric in the room. If you're one of the lucky people with tickets for the remaining Hammersmith Apollo gigs - I am SO jealous of you, with it all to come.

GO: I think the chap and I might be planning a lil' cheeky Easter trip to Dorset and who could say no to that beauts coastline? We still haven't done a big walk to the Durdle Door and that's pretty high up on my list - I just love this part of the country, and there's nothing like a bit of sea air to soothe the soul, is there?

EAT: Strictly speaking, I guess this is a read(?), but I've been loving cooking (and eating!) every dish out of The Roasting Tin, which is a rare thing - a recipe book which is both strikingly beautiful and uncompromisingly simple-to-follow/uncomplicated. We tried the Chicken, Chickpea and Chorizo stew last night and wow. 

DRINK: I can tell you what not to drink, and that is white wine - I've had one too many acidic-induced headaches this month, and I'm thinking white wine is not the one for me anymore. Plus side, I have been absolutely loving Morning Kick from Bluebird (who else?!) to help me get over any alcohol-induced/sleep-deprived fug.

WEAR: It's an odd thing to say, but I have an insatiable craving for hoop and statement earrings this month. Top of my list? This pair from Missoma. More likely to make it into my collection? This pair from & Other Stories.

READ: This long read from The Guardian about 'The World' project in Dubai made me both immensely nostalgic for the Dubai I knew growing up, and also hugely sad for what it has become. Please don't misunderstand that statement - I have neverending love for Dubai - I consider it home. But reading this really typified how it does itself such a huge disservice in its own greed or, as those invested in realising their own agendas might call it, its 'ambition'.

THINK: Channel. Trying to pick up on these creative, inspired, free-flowing vibes, spread that good feeling on to others and manifest it into something tangible. I'll report back!


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