I caved, and it felt so good. The NARS Wanted palette was in my clutches, one very confused delivery driver and Fabled order later.

On paper, this palette is typical NARS fare - a healthy mix of shimmers and mattes, gorgeous, covetable packaging, and a good selection of colours to lust after. If there's one thing this brand know how to do, it's an eye palette. Upon seeing this on The Anna Edit, I was intrigued, but not RUNNING out to buy this. It wasn't until I swatched it in Space NK that I made the 'awww crap' familiar sound in my head and started calculating how many meals I had left in my freezer to see me through until next payday.

These shades are buttery. They're tightly packed, which means minimum fallout, but nonetheless super pigmented and very easy to apply. Build-able in thin, opaque layers, the colours really come to life as a wash of colour on the eye paired with liner and mascara. I still haven't found a way to work them into an eye look altogether, but perhaps that's because these aren't exactly your mama's eyeshadow colours. Things get real dramatic real fast with this palette, so have a play in the privacy of your own home first and CHECK THE TONES on your eye colour and skin colour. Some of these shades can wash me out a little or make me look a bit jaundice (!!) if I go too heavy with them, and I'm not even a tremendously light skin-tone.

The shades I've gotten the most use out of are the brown/caramel/tan matte shades on the left hand side of the palette (unsurprising) - these are super rich, intense shades and are soft as anything - a dream to work with. My day-to-day work eye is more or less exclusively Seven Heaven now, which is my 'my lids but better' shade. I've also really been loving Satisfaction when I need to open my eyes up, and Shadow Hill if I want something a bit more sultry. I even wore the stunning rich copper/russet La La for a particularly meeting-heavy day and got loads of compliments on it! I've been delighted with using the palette so far.

This isn't to say there aren't plenty of other palettes that can give you a similar effect (in fact, Anna's post above does a pretty good job of rounding those up), nor can I say I've used every shade in the box yet. But give me time...

So, is it worth the hype? Absolutely. Do you need it? No, probably not - but do you care? No, probably not. 

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  1. This was so interesting to read! I always feel a bit iffy about spending big bucks on makeup especially if there are cheaper alternatives that are just as good. This one is still on my list but I won't be purchasing it for a while yet...http://georgieminterbrown.blogspot.co.uk


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