One of my ultimate 'power through an 8 hour workday' hacks? Podcasts.

I've been thinking a lot about work, largely prompted by this article, and how we full-time office types spend our energy in a 40 hour work week. It's such a large amount of your life, isn't it? And however much you might love what you do, that amount of time can be draining. So I try and do whatever I can to keep myself inspired and interested, not just in what I do but also in the work of others that I admire. One of the best ways I can passively take in little bursts of wisdom is through listening to talks whilst I'm firing off emails and doing the less 'think heavy' parts of my job - hence the humble podcast app taking up almost half the storage on my phone. I just love it.

Seeing how quickly the podcast world can change (RIP Filler podcast) and how many new ones are being created all the time, I thought I'd update you as to my current fave listens and why I love 'em so much. Prepare to get SRSLY inspired.

Creative Pep Talk - The best way I can describe the infectious Andy J. Miller is Leonard from the Big Bang Theory but as a seriously wise, really passionate cheerleader for creativity. I love listening to this podcast when I've got somewhere to be, because it literally puts a spring in my step, but then I find myself frustrated that I don't have a notepad and pen because this dude lays down some seriously practical expertise and productive tips. Andy doesn't talk in big concepts or metaphorical language - he gives so much value away for free and listening to his podcast always gets me so excited to just go away and MAKE STUFF and make shit happen. A HUGE must for creatives, people with their own businesses, people hoping to sell their work and make money from it - just go listen. You will definitely get something from this.

Keeping It Candid - Honestly, hanging out with Sophie Milner and Millie Cotton takes me back to my uni days, when all of my best gals were really close by and we could all just hang out and chat whatever we wanted all the time. Some of their topics are more general, but the ones I've found most interesting and helpful have been focused around blogging and Instagram, and the business of working in both. As the name suggests, both girls are 100% honest and upfront about what they discuss, and there's no cutting corners when it comes to things like pitching to brands and getting paid for creative work. A lovely, warm hug of a listen.

The Fringe of It - Talking of lovely warm hugs, if you want one physicalised into audio waves, this next podcast is for you. Hosted by Liv of What Olivia Did and Charlotte Jacklin of Betty Magazine, The Fringe of It deals with everything from defining success to comparison to people pleasing, hosted by two women who don't feel the need to shove the term 'girlboss' down your throat. Their style is down-to-earth, funny, endearing and cosy, making this a favourite for Monday mornings for me, when I'd rather be anywhere else than at my desk. A spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down, for sure.

What She Said - Another new one to me, this is hosted by Lucy of Wanderluce, who I've followed on Insta for some time. Lucy has a lovely, easy style and is great at picking topics really relevant to bloggers, with a diverse range of guests to interview, meaning that every week has something new to offer. I'd really recommend it if you've been blogging for a little bit and are looking for some fresh perspectives and new insight.

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