Something quite strange happened with this post.

I wasn't going to write it. I actually am consciously choosing not to make content right now, until the internet (or I) decides to even out in terms of content creation and consumption. Right now, perhaps fuelled by a very poignant Hannah Gale post (you'll notice the date of my last blog post and her post coincide) and by more exciting and instantly gratifying options to create on Insta, I've been doing some serious reconsidering about what noise I want to add to this already overcrowded space we have here. What do I want to say, and is it important enough to take up your time?

Then today, I took a photo of some bright spring colours because they were making me happy. Then I sat down to type this because I wanted a place to write down what's been going on in my head. I put on some music that I've been loving lately, and here I am, Easter Monday, taking this as it comes. I might not post every day. I might not post ever again. But if and when I do, I can promise you whatever you find here will be coming from a place of excitement to create, because that is what I feel has been missing for me. I'm hoping that learning how to channel that in a way that makes sense for both me the author, and you the reader, will mean a better experience for all of us - but until then, thank you for your patience and thank you for your precious time.

SEE: There's so much good stuff I've discovered lately, but I feel I'd be totally lying to myself if I didn't share Big Little Lies with you. This has eaten up a good portion of my Easter weekend because it's just so bloody moreish and engulfing - and two words for you? Nicole. Kidman. Jheeeeze, that woman can act. All three women (Reese Witherspoon and Shailene Woodley included) in this drama are mesmerising, but wow. I don't want to say any more about it or ruin it, but you will NOT regret the 9 hours of your life you give to this programme, trust. I'm also off to see Isle of Dogs tonight and I'm so bloody excited. Wes Anderson is one of my absolute favourite directors, the cast list for this is incredible and I just love getting lost in his worlds.

LISTEN: I've really been loving listening to Why Don't You by Cleo Sol, a new discovery for me. The Weeknd also did a bit of a surprise and dropped an EP (it would seem purely for the facilitation of dragging Selena Gomez), and Wasted Times is probably my favourite from it - I think mainly because I am on Bella Hadid's side in this fictitious world where I understand their relationship drama.

GO: Weirdly, the boyf and I have been enjoying settling down with a cuppa and an episode of River Cottage lately, and we've both decided we'd quite like to go to River Cottage HQ in Devon - mostly for the amazing fare, but also to see the beautiful countryside and make a little bit of a roadtrip out of it! They've got a fair on during the late May Bank Holiday and I think we might plan to go!

EAT: I paid a visit to Doughnut Time in Notting Hill last month and I have to say, those were some pretty freaking delicious doughnuts. Soft and gooey dough on the inside, a nice bready flavour but nothing too strong, and seeeriously dangerous toppings. We went for 'Sia Later' and 'Houston, We Have Biscoff' and split them - both were vegan, both were SERIOUSLY indulgent and both were great.

DRINK: Opposite end of the spectrum, a girlfriend and I also visited Jusu Brothers in Notting Hill (granted it was a different day, different mood), and I ended up getting a Kiyomi Queen - cucumber, lemon and pineapple juice - just gorgeous! I highly recommend this place if you're in the area.

WEAR: Slowly slowly all the spring collections are creeping in, and yet nothing is speaking to my soul more right now than this kimono with pom poms from Zara, and this two piece suit from River Island.

READ: For the few days I was in London on business last month, I could not get away from this book. I don't know if they're giving them out for free as a public service or what, but for it to have THAT kind of coverage, I maybe need to look into bagging myself a copy!

THINK: Rekindle. I'm feeling a little burnt out and disconnected from myself, so it's time to do a little downtime work, spend some time offline and with family and fill the tank back up, ready to go in again on all of these creative projects I want to get done!

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  1. Ahh lovely things! I know what you mean about that kimono from Zara *swoon* I wish I could afford it! I have to go and see Big Little lies now, you've convinced me :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (I would love to follow each other on bloglovin if you like! :D)


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