In case you haven't noticed/don't live in the realms of Instagram - statement jewellery is back. With a vengeance.

This ain't ya mama's brocade brooches from the 80s, either. These opulent adornments range from tasselled, Versace-esque brightly coloured earrings to layer upon layer of delicate charm necklaces - self-expression through these little details is key. Since I've started experimenting more with these pieces, I've found how much they can really pull together an outfit - so I'm hoping that signposting some of my favourite offerings out there will help inspire you to get a little more adventurous yourselves!

Missoma - Dreamysigh. The one that started the obsession and took my love of white gold and turned it... well. Yellow gold. I am still deeply in love with my Mini Rope Coin necklace from the Lucy Williams x Missoma collection, which my boyfriend kindly gifted me for Christmas. I keep having to hold myself back from adding some mini hoops to join it. Everything on this site is so covetable and I always find myself scouring for a sale or any hint of discount because quality don't come cheap y'all. I've been wearing that necklace almost every day since December and it still looks just as shiny, beautiful and new as when I first got it. Highly recommended.

Rock N' Rose - Sitting more comfortably in my budget now, this lifestyle shop has got it going on at the moment. From straw bags to silk scarves, there's plenty to finish an outfit and give yourself that little 'je ne sais quoi'. I'm in love with the iconography collections on this site, in particular the Magdalene medal and cross double pendant. Think Sienna Miller in the early 00s boho vibes.

& Other Stories - My love for them knows no bounds. I used to shop for very delicate, tiny pieces here, like studs and stacking rings, but lately they've really been nailing the bold jewels. Those chunky hoops pictured are from Stories, and I'm quite frankly in love with these leaf charm earrings, too. They just seem to knock it out of the park with trend pieces at fair quality, that my wallet won't hate me forever for.

Zara - Zara do well with accessories - we've known for years that their footwear and handbag selection is the best place to get high street versions of couture trends - there are about 3 different styles of *that* Cult Gaia bag from last summer. While I wouldn't say the quality was going to last you forever, how does one say no to something this beaut?

Mango - Mango really didn't come to play for the last couple of seasons. I don't know if they've appointed a new design director or what, but their pieces have been some of the most exciting on the high street for a little while now. Their earring selection right now is outrageously beautiful but I am super excited by this simple, but impactful, metal chain necklace.

Oliver Bonas - These guys were on statement jewels before it was a thing, and they haven't let me down in terms of the individual taste level of their selection, and the amazing quality and affordability of the pieces. OB is my favourite on the high street for good reason - I love how they can mix a real wearable art feel with such simplicity and effortlessness - like this necklace.

What jewellers are exciting you right now? I'd really love to find some more independent makers!

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