By the time May comes around every year, I’m usually willing on the summer months, hoping for heatwaves and planning out my bank holiday activities - I can’t get enough. I don’t know if it was the winter that wouldn’t end, or if it’s simply how much I’ve got on right now, but I’m finding myself thinking ‘SLOW DOWN, I’M NOT READY!!!’ More and more often. 
Which is apt really, because more often than not, while I’m thinking about how much I’m not ready, I’m out here coping. Sometimes even doing really well. I’m doing things that would’ve terrified me a year ago, I’m managing to keep myself and those I love happy. There are tiny and quite massive, whale-sized wins happening all over the place. 

So until I learn to slow time or my thoughts, I’m going to have to just make do with letting go and trusting more. We’ve all got this and we can all find a way through the stress and pace and responsibilities, somehow. And for the times we can’t - it’s ALMOST warm enough for ice cream again.

SEE: I am so incredibly late to the party, but The Sopranos has been taking up every evening of my life pretty much since Easter weekend. What an incredible show! I’m also really into the short but sweet new series of Travel Man (Richard Ayoade makes me giggle like no other) and I am GAGGING at the new season of Drag Race. Last Sunday I was coming up empty and Netflix provided in the form of The First Monday in May - what a great documentary. It made me think back to going to see Savage Beauty at the V&A, and everything I loved about The Met, and working in magazines. Lots of inspiration to be had here.

LISTEN: APRIL HAS BEEN MAJOR FOR NEW RELEASES. So Dirty Computer came out and is phenomenal, as did my very own Anne Marie’s Speak Your Mind, which you should obviously all go get. Ari is back with a solid banger in the form of 'No Tears Left to Cry' and Tove Styrke has released some real earworms that I can’t get rid of. Lykke Li released deep end and hard rain which have me so excited for 'so sad, so sexy'.  There’s so much exciting shit happening in music right now!

GO: remember those two blissful days of heat we got? Well, the Boyf and I spent one of them on a little Cotswolds tour and damn, Chipping Norton is beautiful, isn’t it? I haven’t made enough time to Cotswolds explore but I’m hoping to rectify that this month between the two bank holidays. Coffee and cake at a little eatery or a drink in a pub is calling my name in the not too distant future...

EAT: April was a great food and drink month. I started it in Brighton, and Mum and I were lucky enough to spend some time pottering about there and enjoying all the fun sights. One stop we made was in La Cave au Fromage, where we picked up deli sandwiches to take back to our hotel room for a feast and MAN ALIVE were they good! I had a soft cream cheese and salami sub that legit changed my perspective on a lot of things.

DRINK: A friend at work went on a little gin tasting evening and mentioned that Sipsmith do a Lemon Drizzle gin - hello, ideal. Consider me sold.

WEAR: My mindset is well and truly focused on warmer weather days now, as well as some summer events that’ll require a few occasionwear bits. This maxi dress from Reiss has really caught my eye, as well as this beauty from Ganni.

READ: I’m longing to have enough time to sit down and start some new fiction - something along the lines of Little Fires Everywhere, which I've wanted to read for aaaages now!

THINK: Cyclical. I want to welcome good things in to my life, my body, my day to day, so that I can get good things out. There’s a lot of big things happening at work and personally for me this month, so it’ll be interesting to see what comes out of needing to give 110% to those demanding actions. 

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